Save Money When Going Out

Written by Gregory Thomas

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Many times you will find ticket deals on all types of events just from browsingrepparttar classifieds/Internet. You can often find ads placed by season ticket holders, selling because they are unable to attend. This is a great opportunity to score on a deal. You may also find lower priced tickets on games that are duringrepparttar 149372 week or on games that are a bit "unpopular".

Save When Dining Out


If you are looking to save money when dining out, consider eating something at home before you go out, to lessen your hunger. You can then order a smaller meal or an appetizer when out. Also, avoid desserts and alcoholic beverages at restaurants since their markups are very high. This will really reducerepparttar 149373 overall cost for dinner.

Here's an idea for a somewhat of a romantic evening. Prepare a nice candle-lit dinner at home (pasta is very inexpensive) along with soothing music and afterwards, go out somewhere nice for dessert or a nice walk around a lake or byrepparttar 149374 beach.

It Does Not Stop Here


These are just a few ideas and tips that can help you save money when going out, but don't stop here! There are literally hundreds of activities, places, and events to see and do that cost very little. All it takes is a little research, creativity, and a willingness to try something new.

How about camping atrepparttar 149375 beach, desert, or mountains? Not only is camping inexpensive, but tons of fun. The whole family will enjoy this weekend getaway. You can also try visiting parks and lakes in your neighboring cities and towns. Doesn't a relaxing picnic and a nice walk through scenic trails and vistas sound wonderful?

Just remember, it shouldn't matter where you go with your 'special' someone. If you really enjoy each others company, then you will have fun literally anywhere you go. You can even make it a contest betweenrepparttar 149376 two of you to see who can come up withrepparttar 149377 best lowest priced date. Take turns and comparerepparttar 149378 price and results afterwards. Contests are always fun especially whenrepparttar 149379 two of you get to decide on whatrepparttar 149380 winner gets ;-)

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It seems as though whenever we go out for the night, it costs much more than we originally intended to spend. Having a 'night on the town' shouldn't cost you a whole weeks salary.

Make Money with Your Music the Top 5 Ways

Written by Brian Cook

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3. Organize contests.

Why not organize a songwriting contest for allrepparttar songwriters in your area? Or, better yet, userepparttar 149235 Internet and start one on a national basis! Let's say you collected 250 entries at $10 a pop... that's $2,500. Even if you offered up $500 in prizes, you still walk away with $2,000! You might also get local songwriting clubs, music stores, etc., to help withrepparttar 149236 advertising and even contribute torepparttar 149237 prize offerings.

4. Publish an online newsletter. Publishing your own newsletter, or "ezine", can be an excellent way to earn some extra money. And, although some folks have succeeded at offering a fee-based newsletter, it's much easier to publish a free one.

Three ofrepparttar 149238 most common ways to make money with your free newsletter are: sell advertising space, promote affiliate programs, and advertiserepparttar 149239 sale of your own products, such as your tapes and CD's.

5. Start your own jingle business.

There is alot of money to be made in writing jingles. And, as a songwriter, you probably already have allrepparttar 149240 equipment you will need to get started. It's also good training because it helps you learn to "write on demand".

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