Save Money By Cutting Recurring Expenses

Written by Joe Bingham

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or list server company. But what about after 6 months? What about after a year? A one time script purchase is done quickly and paid for, usually at aboutrepparttar same price as 3-4 months of paying recurring monthly fees for other's services. Even if you don't know how to install CGI scripts at this point, you can learn, or you can pay someone to do that for you. Oftenrepparttar 117226 script owner is willing to provide that service. While that may be an extra expense it is still only a one time fee and less than paying recurring fees month after month, year after year. If you're in business to stay in business, it's easy to tell which is repparttar 117227 better alternative. And that's without even figuring inrepparttar 117228 added professionalism you get when running everything from your own site. Now, I realize everyone's situation is different, but this is something I believe everyone needs to think about. Recurring monthly fees are just plain not justified if you can getrepparttar 117229 same or better quality tool without them. It'srepparttar 117230 same thing with merchant services that expect you to pay recurring monthly fees. It's unnecessary. All payment processors will take a commission off your sales, yes, but why pay them monthly fees as well? To help you out, I've prepared a list ofrepparttar 117231 services and tools I use and recommend. The list includes payment processors, scripts for mailing lists, auto responders, ad tracking, sending referrals, web hosting, and more. You can access it for free here: I think you'll agree that trimming your recurring monthly expenses is a good idea. Some ofrepparttar 117232 monthly fee services are quality and they do market themselves well aroundrepparttar 117233 Internet. And I don't mean to knock them. Still, when it comes to saving money and increasing profits, don't forget there IS a less expensive alternative you can go with.

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The Doctor's Words Hung in the Air..."No Flying!"

Written by Steve Melton

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You know,repparttar most important thing in flying is to "always know where you are" and "know where it is you're going". The same applies to your online business. Do you have a flight plan? How are you going to get there? Do you know where it is you are going, a destination? (Read that as goals).

Where are you? Where are you going? That sounds simple enough.

Well, let me tell you it isn't. Our egos, pride or simply stubbornness, you name it. It gets inrepparttar 117225 way - Stop that now, put it aside and listen to…

"This isrepparttar 117226 Captain speaking…"

Get a flight plan. Know where you are starting from and what your destination is. Get a "flight plan" and follow it religiously. Things will start to happen…

Slowly at first, then building momentum as we pick up speed. You will find yourself doing new and exciting things. The internet is an incredible journey. Will it be a smooth flight? No. We will encounter some turbulence alongrepparttar 117227 way. So just fasten your seat belt, stay on course and you will arrive at your destination.

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Steve Melton is a Captain for a major US Airline. After graduating from West Texas State University he persued his first true love of flying in the US Navy.His commercial flying carreer began Februarry 1980. In February 2003 a medical diagnosis forced him from the cockpit and he has persued the internet with a passion. Watch for future articles by Steve in the very near future.

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