Save America, Vote for Anyone but Bush!

Written by Gary R. Hess

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George W. Bush’s arrogance towards North Korea is even worse. The United States knew they were trying to create nuclear weapons, however did nothing to stop it. Insteadrepparttar USA is now trying to have stop production of their 10th nuclear weapon and not even dealing logically towards making a peace treaty or having them dismantlerepparttar 125963 weapons which haverepparttar 125964 ability to kill millions of lives within China, South Korea, Japan and possibly Taiwan.

His egotism towardsrepparttar 125965 veterans’ and retired people’s Social Security has led to his new “plan” which in return asks veterans retired Americans to give up their health benefits and lead to paying 37%, even more asrepparttar 125966 years roll on, towards medications.

Bush’s idea of job creation is poor as well. His idea of creating jobs withinrepparttar 125967 United States is that of creating jobs at McDonalds and other faculties which pay on average $9,000 per year, far less than what is needed to pay bills and have an adequate education for our children.

What is worse is that his outsourcing of jobs will only lead to even more low paying ones and a higher tax burden onrepparttar 125968 average American.

We need to do something about this now. Vote against Bush, even if it is for a third party. Do not vote for George W. Bush in November! He is destroying America,repparttar 125969 land which we love and have died for through so many wars. Let’s elect a new president to save our freedom and land we love.

Gary is a writer and web designer for Political and other Writings

7 Proposals to solve the Unemployment Problem

Written by Virginia Bola, PsyD

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2. Identify growing and potential industries andrepparttar skills they will need in future staff. 3. Design a plan which allows forrepparttar 125962 rapid retargeting of training courses as Community Colleges and vocational schools are traditionally 5 to 15 years behind current needs. 4. Provide substantial tax incentives for businesses to hire inrepparttar 125963 U.S. rather than shipping their jobs to low income countries. 5. Devise “red-tape-less” programs to reward employers with significant tax credits for hiringrepparttar 125964 long-term employed and new trainees. 6. Overhaulrepparttar 125965 processes of State Unemployment Offices by implementing coordinated support programs in which workers participate as part of receiving unemployment benefits and employers participate as a means of meeting their future needs for staff. 7. Provide incentives for employers to hire more part-time workers. Simultaneously, America must reframe its social policy to promote a new work ethic of reduced work hours, along with increased leisure and volunteer activities, to allow more workers to be employed, albeit for fewer hours. Due torepparttar 125966 negative emotional effects of living without work, our society needs to stress high employment rather than high productivity which often translates into fewer workers, working harder and longer.

Dr. Bola operated a rehabilitation company, developing innovative job search techniques for disabled workers, for 20 years. A licensed clinical psychologist, she developed vocational programs for the mentally ill, served as a Vocational Expert for Social Security, Civil Court, and pioneered vocational testimony in Workers’ Compensation Hearings. She is author of The Wolf at the Door: An Unemployment Survival Manual (

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