Saunders to the Pistons, Larry to the Knicks

Written by John Onan

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So right away, Flip Saunders inherits by farrepparttar superior team, withrepparttar 151137 better core of players. The job for Dumars is to keeprepparttar 151138 team intact. Despite his lack of success inrepparttar 151139 playoffs, Saunders has a reputation as being cool under fire after having T’Wolves GM Kevin McHale breathing down his neckrepparttar 151140 last few seasons. He is also a players coach, which will help in this situation, where he has a squad that gets along on and offrepparttar 151141 court and knows how to take care of business. He will also use young bench players like Darko Milivick and Jason Maxiell. Dumars because increasingly upset with Brown for stuntingrepparttar 151142 development ofrepparttar 151143 younger guys. Dumars does have an ego, and drafting Milivick over Carmelo Anthony has made him look silly.

Detroit’s players showed duringrepparttar 151144 playoffs that they can ignore distractions and win tough series’; they are stillrepparttar 151145 favorite to come out ofrepparttar 151146 East despite Miami, Cleveland, and New Jersey adding pieces to their puzzles. This team will win 55 games inrepparttar 151147 regular season and be hungry to return torepparttar 151148 finals.

Withrepparttar 151149 Knicks roster issues, this year will be a wash, and they’ll look to unload some big money contracts so they can moldrepparttar 151150 team into their new coach’s image (defense and working for good shots). No doubt New York is a 2006-2007 playoff team, but a NBA Lotto participant this coming season. Unfortunately for Isaiah Thomas, Coach Brown gets antsy after a season or two, so this could turn into another rebuilding project forrepparttar 151151 man who succeeds Brown. Isaiah may not be around either to make that hiring.

By John Onan (Ego74)

John Onan (aka ego74) is sports writer/moderator at the online players union and football contributor at he can be reached at

Who Else Knows These Facts About Trampolines

Written by Paul Johnson

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The 2005 edition ofrepparttar Guinness Book of World Records, includes a category forrepparttar 151136 longest slam-dunk of a basketball from a player bouncing on a trampoline.

Judy Wills Cline becamerepparttar 151137 first World Champion onrepparttar 151138 trampoline, in 1964. Cline held a total of ten world titles in trampoline, synchronized trampoline, and tumbling. The first men's World Champion, also crowned in 1964, was Dan Millman, who is a noted personal growth author and speaker.

In 1986, a six-man team fromrepparttar 151139 Delta Epsilon fraternity at Cleveland State University, set a Guinness World Book Record for 53 days of continuous bouncing on a trampoline. They received a phone call of congratulations from frater Ronald Reagan.

Paul Johnson works as a software developer, often working long hours under great stress. He considers exercise crucial to his health. When purchasing his own fintess equipment he researched all available products. Now he's written a series of useful articles on choosing (and using) exercise equipment.

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