Satellite vs Cable

Written by Gary Davis

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Here it gets really interesting. Cable TV can handle up to 260 channels. Satellite TV can handle more channels. Also, Satellite TV is more advanced in HDTV (High Definition Television) services.


Usually Satellite TV is less expensive than Cable TV due to many additional costs that are related to Cable TV: franchise fees, taxes, plus costs for any pay per view services, and equipment costs. Dish Network Programming Package starts at only $29.99 per month.

Interactive Services

In general Satellite TV has more interactive services than Cable TV. Digital services like Dish Network's DVR (Digital Video Recorder) which givesrepparttar option to rewind while recording even in live broadcasts, EPG (Electronic Program Guide), Instant Weather, video on demand, etc. are all available on Satellite TV, but not all are available on Cable TV.

High Speed Internet

Cable has high speed broadband internet services. Satellite TV has this too, but is somewhat slower. Directv®: offers Direcway High Speed Internet, which is ultra fast but somewhat expensive.

Overall conclusion: Satellite TV is less expensive, has better picture quality (digital signal) and gives you more channels and programming options than cable TV.

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Mysterious Mystere – At the Treasure Island Hotel In Las Vegas

Written by Janice Wilson

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The Korean Plank astoundedrepparttar audience with acrobatic feats and designs ofrepparttar 138191 human pyramids. The performers remain onrepparttar 138192 teeterboard throughoutrepparttar 138193 various stunts. The amazing mystery of this performance wasrepparttar 138194 added effect thatrepparttar 138195 stage is rotating andrepparttar 138196 danger ofrepparttar 138197 Korean Plank is evident. The act requires extreme precision, timing, courage and trust, asrepparttar 138198 spotters play a key role inrepparttar 138199 routine. Their timing mysteriously never faltered.

The Trampoline and Fast Track was performed byrepparttar 138200 comic chorus. With their frivolous energy these bouncing characters were always jolly, always laughing. This huge, winged trampoline was unlike any other inrepparttar 138201 world. The trampoline artists rely on timing, acrobatic ability, and phenomenal spatial awareness to accomplishrepparttar 138202 intricate movements. I watched how these performers used their bodies to explorerepparttar 138203 mystery of time, space, and energy.

The Aerial High Bar delighted me withrepparttar 138204 ecstasy of suspended aerial motion surprise. They used a metal structure with whichrepparttar 138205 fourteen national caliber athletes from Russia, Romania, Canada, andrepparttar 138206 United States fly and spin 40 feet aboverepparttar 138207 stage.

The adventure in performance reached a dramatic frenzy withrepparttar 138208 Taiko performance. It was a unique style of drum playing that comes from Japan. The deep rhythmic reverberations fromrepparttar 138209 sounds ofrepparttar 138210 beating drums touched a primitive part of my heart. This ancient Japanese art of drumming awakened in me a need to revel in this mystery that sound creates. The pulsating drums beat a rhythm of new life through every cell in my body.

The performers were astounding butrepparttar 138211 theatrical experience was mysteriously beyond anything I’d ever experienced because ofrepparttar 138212 unique costumes and phenomenal lighting designs. It wasrepparttar 138213 costume designer’s genius for creating costumes forrepparttar 138214 fantastic characters that woverepparttar 138215 dramatic story of life unfolding and ultimately surviving against all odds. Each costume was expertly created to weave colors, patterns, and fabrics withrepparttar 138216 aesthetics that enhancedrepparttar 138217 artists’ movements and th

Yet, it wasrepparttar 138218 lighting designs that influenced my perceptionrepparttar 138219 most. The designer setrepparttar 138220 tone ofrepparttar 138221 stage acts by what Luc Lafortune, Mystere’s Lighting Designer calls, “sculpting spectators”. By reinventingrepparttar 138222 use of light he was capable of sculptingrepparttar 138223 emotions and feelings of his audience. He believes it isrepparttar 138224 “chiaroscuro” that isrepparttar 138225 lighting designer’s anvil. It was how he was able to create contrasts in hues, angles and beams that drawsrepparttar 138226 focus and transforms a scene from humorous excitement to tragedy. I know because as I watchedrepparttar 138227 play of light on stage I felt my emotions swell with each illuminating color and incandescent shadow.

The musical score providedrepparttar 138228 show a freedom of expression that reached beyondrepparttar 138229 stage and conjured memories of a mysterious past. The chorus of voices chanted haunting harmonies that sent chills down my spine. The rhythmic beat ofrepparttar 138230 drums stirred feelings of unyielding sounds of protection and love. The musical instruments blended melodies of enchantment and fantasy.

Mystere has entertained international audiences of all ages atrepparttar 138231 spectacular theatre in Treasure Island forrepparttar 138232 last ten years. It is a success story of great magnitude but above all it is a story of a remarkable bond betweenrepparttar 138233 performers andrepparttar 138234 audience. For atrepparttar 138235 end ofrepparttar 138236 day it isrepparttar 138237 audience who sparksrepparttar 138238 creative passions ofrepparttar 138239 show with their love for mystery, artistry, and thrilling entertainment. This isrepparttar 138240 third time I’ve seen Mystere. It’s a show that beckons you to return. It is creative. It is humor. It is spectacle. It is mystery. It is artistry in perpetual motion. It instilled in me a hope that only comes from experiencing great truth and beauty.

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