Satellite Radio: XM and Sirius Battle for Your $$$

Written by Dale L

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6 different channels of music byrepparttar Decades (40's through 90's)

5 Sports channels (ESPN, Fox, Sporting News, NASCAR)

4 Dance music channels

4 World music choices

3 Christian music choices

3 Comedy entertainment channels (adult comedy, family comedy)

3 Classical music channels

2 Kids entertainment channels (Disney)

2 Latin music choices

Sirius offers a $12.95 per month fee and you can pre-pay for a full year for a discount (works out to $9.99 per month). They offer better sports coverage with play-by-play ofrepparttar 147047 NBA, NHL, and NFL. Sirius has signed some great talent of celebrity DJs. Sirius offers 60 channels of music with no commercials, 50 channels of News, Sports, Talk and Entertainment; and 20 channels of 24/7 Traffic & Weather in major cities. Here's how Sirius stack up with their channel line up:

16 Talk & Variety channels (Discovery, E!, Talk for Women, CourtTV, Air America, Gay/Lesbian, Body/Mind/Spirit Talk)

14 channels of Rock music

12 channels of Pop music & Top Hits

10 News channels (CNN, CNBC, Fox, NPR, PRI, C-SPAN, BCC, World Radio, Bloomberg)

9 Hip Hop and Urban music choices

7 Sports channels (ESPN, play-by-play channels)

6 Country music choices

6 Jazz music channels

5 Dance music channels

4 different channels of music byrepparttar 147048 Decades (50's through 80's)

3 Classical music channels

2 Christian music choices (Catholic)

2 channels of Blues & Reggae

2 Latin music choices

2 Comedy entertainment channels (regular and uncensored)

2 World music choices

1 Kids entertainment channels (Disney)

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Dish Network Background

Written by Troy Sapp

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Most recently, a slightly larger satellite dish (36-inchesx20-inches) referred to as “Super Dish) are being introduced torepparttar satellite market withrepparttar 147046 capacity to receive satellite signals from three different satellite locations simultaneously. Bothrepparttar 147047 Dish 500 andrepparttar 147048 Super Dish are dominatingrepparttar 147049 satellite industry as Dish Network is attempting to allow more programming on their expanding satellite systems. This is particularly popular through local, national American television networks and foreign programming.

Simply put, Dish Network isrepparttar 147050 giant of satellite providers withinrepparttar 147051 satellite industry. The simple fact ofrepparttar 147052 matter is Dish Network is a step aboverepparttar 147053 rest! If you are looking to save some money while not sacrificing your favorite channels and programs, while also receiving reliable TV watching allrepparttar 147054 time -then Dish Network is exactly what you need!

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