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Written by Greg Jones/2much Media & Communications

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Though saddened byrepparttar recent Darren James/HIV situation inrepparttar 118683 industry, Lee says he was unaffected byrepparttar 118684 moratorium on production. "I've been taking it easy for a couple years now. Living off residuals. I have ten movies inrepparttar 118685 can waiting to come out." he said. Lee, who was quarantined from work when it was erroneously announced an actress he'd performed with tested positive for HIV four years ago, is not ready to go back into film work yet.

"Right now, I'm looking into this internet stuff. I'm a computer illiterate. They've gotta show merepparttar 118686 ropes on this. I want to go out live over SexyVu and explore live chat," he said.

Lee will be appearing with his “Nubian Princess” Lady Lee, Wednesday June 9 at 10:00 PM on and AM 1340 Talking Sex Network radio.


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Written by Nicholas Dixon

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Access to a credit card, internet sessions and having a computer is beyondrepparttar average Jamaican. So what wasrepparttar 118682 son of a market vendor getting into?

Most marketers have a professional website with a domain name andrepparttar 118683 like. I started with a Geocities website that I still have at present. Now if you are acquainted with online marketing, you would know that is a cardinal sin. But I still went ahead with it anyway.

I utilized various marketing techniques to channel traffic to my website. Due to obvious limitations, my traffic is nowhere in Yahoo’s region but I receive several hundred page views per week for my efforts.

Alongrepparttar 118684 way I have been insulted, ridiculed and flamed by some marketers who somehow don’t appreciate my contributions. But you know what, that doesn’t bother me at all. I need it.

That’s what makes me strong and resilient in my pursuit of success. And you can do it too, even better that I did. Withrepparttar 118685 right guidance and knowledge you can make it in a shorter time span.

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