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Written by Jed Clark

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Elsewhere inrepparttar Mission District on Harrison at 19th Street, mixed among blocks of warehouses and running along a wall for nearly a block in San Francisco's Mission neighborhood is a mural titled "Carnaval." Asrepparttar 147369 name implies,repparttar 147370 Carnaval mural is a representation ofrepparttar 147371 Carnaval celebration, a multicultural dance and music festival that has its roots in Latin America andrepparttar 147372 Caribbean. The San Francisco Mission District has been hosting a Carnaval Festival since 1978. Created in 1994 by Joshua Sarantitis, Emmanuel Montoya, Carlos Loarca and others,repparttar 147373 radiant Carnaval mural is as dynamic and colorful asrepparttar 147374 festival that it portrays. The Women's Building (located at 3543 18th Street) boasts two walls of a dramatic mural that pays homage to women. Created by a team of seven women muralists,repparttar 147375 "Maestrapeace" mural portrays women and feminine archetypes of multiple world origins. The Goddess of Light and Creativity adornsrepparttar 147376 top ofrepparttar 147377 18th Street facade withrepparttar 147378 waters of life flowing beneath her and transforming into fabric designs from aroundrepparttar 147379 world. The mural features such notable women as Georgia O'Keefe (an innovative American artist) and Rigoberta Menchu (a Guatemalan of Mayan decent and Nobel prize-winning activist). The names of many more famous women are inscribed inrepparttar 147380 mural's colorful patterns. The mural is meant to be inspiration and educational, illustratingrepparttar 147381 contributions women have made to human history and society. The Women's Building provides resources and services to organizations that support women and girls from multi-ethnic and multi-cultural backgrounds. For an informational key torepparttar 147382 mural, step insiderepparttar 147383 Women's Building or contact them at or (415) 431-1180. A colorful world of murals and culture awaits you in San Francisco's Mission District, so get out there and explore.

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Happy Birthday Las Vegas - you've come a long way baby!

Written by Joan Ewart

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The 1970s ushered inrepparttar "new era" of Vegas. Circus Circus opened in 1968, built a 15-story, 400-room hotel tower and 850-seat showroom that opened in 1972. The International Hotel with 1500 rooms opened in 1971, only to be sold to Hilton. It re-opened in 1973 asrepparttar 147358 MGM Grand Hotel. The MGM Grand had a newly built 26 story tower that housed 2,084 rooms and with 2.5 million square feet and a 2,000-seat showroom setrepparttar 147359 new standard in defining mega-resort. Nothing was as thrilling as arriving underrepparttar 147360 marquee with thousands of lights beaming down. Corporate money had enteredrepparttar 147361 scene. The 70s also ushered inrepparttar 147362 days of Elvis and his long-term performances.

Inrepparttar 147363 1980s, a new name came onrepparttar 147364 scene inrepparttar 147365 guise of Steve Wynn who ushered in a wave of luxurious hotels and casinos, asrepparttar 147366 world had never seen. The Mirage opened in 1989 and Steve Wynn's name went down in history.

Baby Boomers who had kids in tow byrepparttar 147367 1990s thought it would be great fun to take their kids to Vegas. The hotels responded and built "kid friendly" attractions. Wet n Wild water slides, cartoon characters, humongous swimming pools and video arcades ushered inrepparttar 147368 "kiddies era". Hello, what was everyone thinking? If you're pushing baby strollers you sure aren't gambling and you've changedrepparttar 147369 atmosphere from exciting and different to old hometown. The Bellagio Hotel (another Steve Wynn masterpiece) opened in 1998 (withrepparttar 147370 distinction of beingrepparttar 147371 most expensive hotel - atrepparttar 147372 time) banned any persons under age 18 who were not registered guests ofrepparttar 147373 hotel. The Stratosphere hotel (tallest building west ofrepparttar 147374 Mississippi) opened in 1996. 1997 brought New York, New York with its roller coaster. Mandalay Bay opened in 1999 with 3,300 rooms. In 1999, phase one ofrepparttar 147375 Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino opened with 3,036 suites. And in 1999 Paris Las Vegas Casino opened.

Rod Stewart, Bette Middler and Tina Turner, Las Vegas "Boy Wonder" Wayne Newton and other notable stars ushered inrepparttar 147376 millennium.

Withrepparttar 147377 long awaited opening of Wynn Las Vegas, Steve Wynn scores once again with a new level of opulence, this may not berepparttar 147378 biggest hotel in town, but it'srepparttar 147379 only one with a full-service Ferrari and Maserati dealership and it's own museum and art collection. Wynn also features a 100-foot mountain overlooking a 3-acre lake, what must Howard Hughes be thinking?

The turn ofrepparttar 147380 century has brought Las Vegas back to its senses, once again sin is in,repparttar 147381 main attraction is alive and well! Who knows whatrepparttar 147382 next hundred years will bring?

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