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Written by Lisa

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Theme Parks Are you looking for exciting rides? How about water slides? Maybe a few animal shows? Well, look no further! SeaWorld San Antonio has everything you are looking for and more! This 250-acre park has something fun and entertaining for every member ofrepparttar family. Featuring more than 25 amazing shows, thrilling rides, animal attractions, great shopping, and delicious food, this isrepparttar 147071 world's largest marine life adventure park and family entertainment showplace. Six flags Fiesta Texas located just 15 minutes from downtown andrepparttar 147072 famous River Walk. Six Flags Fiesta Texas is a theme and water park that reflectsrepparttar 147073 heritage and culture of its Southwest roots. The park occupies approximately 200 acres and features numerous adult and children's rides. Shows, thrilling rides and skill games are built around themes celebrating Texas andrepparttar 147074 Southwest.

Whatever you're looking for in a family vacation, San Antonio has it all and more. Thrilling rides, education encounters with marine life, shopping, dining, and relaxation. Home to excellent San Antonio Hotels and accommodations, you'll find thatrepparttar 147075 atmosphere of San Antonio makes forrepparttar 147076 perfect vacation - endless shopping, interesting historic sites and a comfortable home away from home.

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The Wonderful Wildlife of Southern Spain

Written by Ruth Polak

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The setting is one of wooded valleys and majestic mountains with large swathes of wild flowers inrepparttar spring and many varieties of fruits and nuts inrepparttar 147070 summer, autumn and winter.

I find a net and remove an unwanted guest, ( a salamander) fromrepparttar 147071 pool and then put on my bathers and have a dip.

Where is this paradise I hear you ask? Well it might surprise you to know that atrepparttar 147072 weekends I travel 20 minutes with my husband and all his Karaoke equipment torepparttar 147073 bustling bars ofrepparttar 147074 Costa del Sol where he works.

Yes, we live in Andalucia.repparttar 147075 Real Spain. Less people, less traffic and over 70% of all European wildlife- a veritable paradise indeed.

Article by Ruth Polak who is the owner of A Web site specializing in holiday villas and apartments on the Costa del Sol and in Rural Andalucia. You will also find lots of information on Spain, and Andalucia in particular.

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