Sammy Davis Junior Found Religion

Written by Stephen Schochet

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But there was one occasion when Sammy came to doubt his conversion. He and Frank Sinatra were asked to perform atrepparttar MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas withrepparttar 126927 MGM Lion in between them. They were assured it would be safe,repparttar 126928 lion would be handled by a trainer with a choke chain. Inrepparttar 126929 middle ofrepparttar 126930 numberrepparttar 126931 lion looked at Sammy and licked it's lips. The lion hunched back like it was going to leap for Sammy, and Sammy scared to death maderepparttar 126932 Sign ofrepparttar 126933 Cross. Luckily nothing happened. Later afterrepparttar 126934 show they were having drinks inrepparttar 126935 lobby and Sinatra said nervously," Boy Smokey, I thought that cat was going to come after you there-- Hey Smokey didn't you turn Jewish? Why did you makerepparttar 126936 Sign ofrepparttar 126937 Cross whenrepparttar 126938 cat came at ya?"

"Well babe, I didn't think I'd have time to makerepparttar 126939 star of David!"

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Faith For Dummies--Fly Fishing With Dub

Written by Ken Mowery

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"But aren't you making an assumption that there is a God and that he created everything?

"You're right on both accounts." Dub conceded. "But what if, forrepparttar sake of argument, we decided to proceed under those assumptions?" He stopped to collect his thoughts. "After all, didn't we sort of do that this morning before we leftrepparttar 126926 house?"

"Sorry, Dub, you lost me again."

"Well, I told you that I knew about a great fishing hole, right?"


"So, did you know for sure that you would catch fish here?"

"No, but I had a pretty good idea that I would."

"So you made an assumption. And I'm betting you're glad you made that assumption." He winked at me as I nodded affirmatively. "But let me ask you this." Dub stopped talking momentarily to adjustrepparttar 126927 tension on his line. "What if you had maderepparttar 126928 assumption that there were no fish and therefore decided not to makerepparttar 126929 trip this morning?" I could see where he was going. "I would have been wrong and..."

"You would have missed something really great wouldn't you."

Suddenly as if on cuerepparttar 126930 tip of my rod dipped violently towardrepparttar 126931 water. I instinctively lifted my rod and grippedrepparttar 126932 line to keep it taut. The fish brokerepparttar 126933 surface exposing his white belly, and flared gills, revealingrepparttar 126934 red intricacy within. Twisting and bucking he clearedrepparttar 126935 water by his own length or more. I struggled to keeprepparttar 126936 tension onrepparttar 126937 line, butrepparttar 126938 Herculean leap toward me had too much power and velocity behind it. The elk hair caddis that had been lodged in his mouth was suddenly free andrepparttar 126939 fish was gone. For a momentrepparttar 126940 only sound I could hear wasrepparttar 126941 rapid drumming of my heartbeat in my ears.

Dub continued talking as I inspected my leader. "So why can't we talk about God fromrepparttar 126942 assumption that there actually is a God? If we're wrong, no harm done. But, if we are right… Well, we might just find something good."

It was a reasonable proposition. We fished and talked untilrepparttar 126943 sun slipped behindrepparttar 126944 western peaks. Exhausted and fulfilled we made our way back torepparttar 126945 truck. As we drove home I thought of one last question I needed to ask. I foundrepparttar 126946 right words asrepparttar 126947 headlights of Dub's truck illuminated his driveway.

"Dub, today while we were talking about God." He looked at me overrepparttar 126948 rim of his glasses. "You said a lot of things that came out ofrepparttar 126949 Bible. Right?"

"Yeah, you're right."

"Well, I don't mean to be hard headed or anything, but what would you say torepparttar 126950 man who is not so sure he believes inrepparttar 126951 Bible?"

Dub smiled and said, "Well, I would say to him, 'You know, I read about this great fishing place up onrepparttar 126952 Big Thompson. Why don't we go check it out?'"

Ken is a pastor, writer, composer,web designer,promoter living in Greeley Colorado with his wife and two children. His articles and poems have been published in various magazines. He writes a monthly column for the Greeley Tribune called "Faith For Dummies" which features spiritual insights gathered through outdoor sports and recreation

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