Same Sex Marriage: Legislating Morality

Written by Virginia Bola, PsyD

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Because of our discomfort or, in many cases, disgust, we try to legislate them out of existence. The courts, andrepparttar culture at large, will not allow us to get rid of them. All we have left is an ability to relegate them to a less-than-equal status by denying them an important social right: marriage. That denial, codified in 11 states on election night, 2004, revealed a fearful desire to legislate morality and conduct according to a pre-conceived idea of what is right and wrong for everyone regardless of their religious, moral, humanistic, or sexual preferences.

The morality crusade that was Prohibition was possiblyrepparttar 125923 most destructive social experiment ever attempted. Not only did it fail to stoprepparttar 125924 use of alcohol, but led torepparttar 125925 rise of organized crime which still holds sway some 80 years later. We can successfully legislate against behaviors that hurt society -- murder, theft, violence and other dangerous acts -- because society benefits when its members are safe and protected.

To suggest thatrepparttar 125926 safety ofrepparttar 125927 world can be threatened by two same-sex individuals reciting vows of commitment before a local official is preposterous. The will to legislate against such an act reflects only our idea to withhold, to punish, to declare before all that it is only our values which matter and that we are right, divinely right.

Virginia Bola is a licensed clinical psychologist with deep interests in Social Psychology and politics. She has performed therapeutic services for more than 20 years and has studied the results of cultural forces and employment on the individual.She is the author of an interactive workbook, The Wolf at the Door: An Unemployment Survival Manual, and a monthly ezine, The worker's Edge. She can be reached at

Polling and campaigning made easier using online surveys

Written by Martin Day

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Withrepparttar new breed of online survey web sites generators such as multiple online surveys can be created and published in minutes making it feasible to target specific groups on specific issues. There is no longer a need to devise a ‘one size fits all’ survey. Surveys that promote policies that are aimed at retired voters can be sent to retired voters, while younger people can be sent surveys that promoterepparttar 125922 candidates policy on issues that are only important to them.

Usingrepparttar 125923 pre-campaign survey datarepparttar 125924 ‘undecided voter’ can be targeted and engaged, with perhapsrepparttar 125925 opposition’s policy being used to highlightrepparttar 125926 benefit of voting for a candidate.

Do you supportrepparttar 125927 opposition’s plans that will reducerepparttar 125928 tax burden for high earners and result in middle income families paying more tax?

A well written campaign survey will promoterepparttar 125929 candidate, measure opinion and monitor how effectiverepparttar 125930 campaign is. Online surveys allow this to be done with considerable ease, they are extremely cost effectively and allowrepparttar 125931 results to be analysed onrepparttar 125932 fly.


Comparerepparttar 125933 benefits of online surveys over other forms of campaigning such as door to door and telephone canvassing, leafleting, advertising and personal appearances.

If not already,repparttar 125934 Internet is fast becomingrepparttar 125935 primary method of communication for both business and personal use and provides direct access to a broad cross section of any voting population.

Throughrepparttar 125936 use of email, websites and search engine advertising online surveys are able to target a large proportion of a population at a fraction ofrepparttar 125937 price compared to traditional marketing methods. Withrepparttar 125938 online surveys ability to provide market research, marketing and education there is no other single form of marketing that is as cost effective and versatile.

Withrepparttar 125939 speed of deployment being measured in hours and minutes, not weeks and day, online surveys are able to deliver a flexible and dynamic campaign message keeping pace withrepparttar 125940 political mood that can change onrepparttar 125941 basis of a single comment or headline.

With each survey’s demographic data a campaign is able to accurately and instantly measurerepparttar 125942 scale of success in terms ofrepparttar 125943 number of ‘messages’ delivered,repparttar 125944 target group and, based onrepparttar 125945 results,repparttar 125946 effectiveness ofrepparttar 125947 online survey marketing campaign.

Martin Day is a director of Survey Galaxy for more information please visit

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