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Written by Dale Sexton

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Since having a site analysis tool onrepparttar page, I have a good idea of what is getting placed onrepparttar 102631 page and how many people are searching for it. About 300 people a month find my page this way. Why, you ask, is my FFAL page getting indexed? I read an article written by Mark Joyner over a year ago, and it seems that others have read it also. In case you missed it...

What it says in short is, after placing your link on several FFAL pages, index it torepparttar 102632 search engines to give your website a temporary popularity boost.

The next question is, what can I do with this information. I know how many, and what they are searching for. If I'm lucky, I'm already selling what they want. Chances are, I'm not. I turned to affiliate programs to fill my visitors needs. I set up affiliates with casinos, travel and dating. I then placed them onrepparttar 102633 FFAL page.

Affiliate programs can be found at:

Find FFAL scripts at:

If I'm getting random visitors to my site withrepparttar 102634 FFAL page, why shouldn't I try to keep them on my page and sell them something? I don't have any real stats just yet, but I will let you know how it turns out.

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How To Pyramid Affiliate Programs Into A Solid Income

Written by John Colanzi.

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Keeprepparttar costs for getting started affordable.

Many ofrepparttar 102630 affiliate programs even offer Free sign up or a Free "test drive" ofrepparttar 102631 program before a decision has to be made.

Marketers have a fear of being ripped off, especially if your program is a fairly new one.

Ifrepparttar 102632 enrollment fees are reasonable or ifrepparttar 102633 program offers a Free "test drive", a much larger percentage of your leads will be willing to "take a chance."

Once you've built an educated downline, that is profiting with your program, it is just a matter of plugging in your winning formula intorepparttar 102634 next program.

As each program turns a profit, you can roll into a new money making venture.

Setting up your system and educating your affiliates for repparttar 102635 first venture will takerepparttar 102636 most time and effort.

After that you're ready to build your empire one money maker at a time.

Wishing You Success

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