Salt of the Earth

Written by Susan Rutter

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variety of textures. Coarser textures may be used in salt mills. Fine sea salt can be intensely salty, so use sparingly. Notable varieties are Fleur de sel, a delicate white salt fromrepparttar northern Atlantic coast of France. Considered by many to be one ofrepparttar 113267 best, it is a favourite of French chefs. Celtic sea salt, called grey salt, or sel gris, comes fromrepparttar 113268 salt pans of Brittany, France and are hard, moist crystals. Maldon in Essex, England. It is delicate, briny and fast dissolving. Countless salts, including flavoured salts, are available from many countries. Considered artisan salts, sea salts have more complex flavours with subtle nuances and are best used as a condiment after cooking. Nutrition: Salt, also called sodium chloride (NaC1), is an essential element in our diets. It performsrepparttar 113269 essential function of maintainingrepparttar 113270 equilibrium of body fluids, helps regulate blood pressure and volume, facilitatesrepparttar 113271 transmission of nerve impulses, and plays a vital role in heart and muscle contractions. A hearty adult requires on six to eight grams of salt a day, but withrepparttar 113272 modern dependence on fast food and processed food, many people consume much more. According torepparttar 113273 Heart and Stroke Foundation, "Most Canadians/Americans consume an average of two teaspoons of salt (12 grams) each day." Excessive salt intake does not cause high blood pressure. However, it is estimated that up to 50 percent of people with existing high blood pressure (or hypertension) are unable to handle sodium properly and are considered salt sensitive. Reduce salt intake can help those people manage high blood pressure, along wit eating a low-fat diet. Iodine is added to salt to ensure Canadians get an adequate amount of this nutrient. The National Academy of Sciences recently increasedrepparttar 113274 Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for iodine to 150 micrograms pre day for both adult men and women. The body uses iodine to make thyroid hormones, which regulate growth, development, reproduction, body temperature and metabolism. Besides iodized salt, seafood and plants that grow in iodine-rich soil arerepparttar 113275 best sources ofrepparttar 113276 mineral. Sea salt may contain a trace amount of naturally occurring iodine. A Canadian study found that sea salt contains approximately 1.2 micrograms pr gram of iodine, compared to 76 micrograms per gram for iodized table salt. Interestingly, while processed foods tend to be high in salt, most food processors do not use iodized salt. However, modern diets that include dairy products and a variety of vegetables usually provide enough iodine. ====================================================== Susan Rutter: author, publisher, nutritionist, instructor Helpsrepparttar 113277 public make healthy choices and changes in their lives. email course: "Your Health and Your Weight" Send an email to We Are What We Eat... includes 4 free health software programs. =======================================================

Susan Rutter: author, publisher,nutritionist, instructor. Assists the public make healthy choices and changes in their lives. Email course: "Your Health and Your Weight" Send an email to We Are What We Eat... includes 4 free health software programs.


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