Salt Therapy and its European well-known beneficial effects in respiratory diseases

Written by LTiba

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The inventor thought this device as an air salinizer that uses forced ionization ofrepparttar indoor air by salt sublimation creating a micro climate of dry aerosol salt therapy in your living space. He used a natural process of salt crystallization to obtain salt micro crystals under 5µm in diameter, invisible to human eyes, being able to penetrate deep intorepparttar 140701 lung. The device uses only natural salt from withinrepparttar 140702 mountain of salt, untreated or touched byrepparttar 140703 human processing technology.

Based on clinical studies,repparttar 140704 inhaled saline has bactericide, mucokinetic, hydrophilic, anti inflammatory properties, reducing inflammation inrepparttar 140705 whole respiratory tract, absorbing edema fromrepparttar 140706 mucosa liningrepparttar 140707 airway passages leading to widening ofrepparttar 140708 airway passages, restoringrepparttar 140709 normal transport of mucus and unclog blockages inrepparttar 140710 bronchi and bronchioles leading to rapid elimination ofrepparttar 140711 residual tar and foreign allergens, all of these in a natural process. Edema ofrepparttar 140712 nasal mucosa andrepparttar 140713 oropharynx and soft palate, causing nasal obstruction and snoring is diminished, leading to widening ofrepparttar 140714 airway passage inrepparttar 140715 nose andrepparttar 140716 tubes ofrepparttar 140717 sinuses and improvingrepparttar 140718 sinuses drainage and reducing snoring. Inrepparttar 140719 auditory tube, edema ofrepparttar 140720 Eustachian tube causing ear infection, is also diminished, leading to widening ofrepparttar 140721 airway passages, better drainage and better aeration behindrepparttar 140722 tympanic membrane.

The salt therapy was found to have beneficial effects inrepparttar 140723 treatment of: •Asthma and Chronic Bronchitis •COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) •Allergic Rhinopathy or Hay Fever •Cystic Fibrosis •Sinusitis •Ear Infections •Smoking Cough •Various acute or chronic respiratory disease •Reduce snoring and activates better sleep by clearingrepparttar 140724 airway passages in oropharyngeal region •Increased resistance to Cold & Flu by opening and clearingrepparttar 140725 nasal airway and improvingrepparttar 140726 drainage ofrepparttar 140727 sinuses •Humidifiesrepparttar 140728 bronchial secretions reducing broncho-spasm and facilitating elimination ofrepparttar 140729 smoke residual tar, phlegm expel and other allergens •Improvesrepparttar 140730 quality ofrepparttar 140731 indoor air by eliminatingrepparttar 140732 dust, cigarette smoke, bad odours, mould and mites, having bactericide reduction properties.

The salt therapy is a natural method of therapy and does not involve any risk and is finally adapted torepparttar 140733 living space. However, this is NOT a substitute for medical treatment and should only be used as an adjuvant helping to improverepparttar 140734 quality of patients’ life, reducingrepparttar 140735 antibiotics and corticoids or steroids intake, reducingrepparttar 140736 rate of annual hospitalizations and decreaserepparttar 140737 frequency of respiratory diseases attacks.

For more information, clinical studies and testimonials you can visitrepparttar 140738 web site. The salt therapy device could also be available in some health stores.

LTiba WebSite: +1 / 519.641.SALT

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Educated and motivated person, having a multicultural background with extensive knowledge about European health products and practices.

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