Salsa Rhythms - Expert Advice; Safety

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Example: Step back with your left foot and forward with your right then step back with your right foot and forward with your left. At first be sure to watch your feet as you do this, then practice without looking down until you can "feel"repparttar appropriate distance. At first, practice this SLOWLY you will find that you will gain speed naturally and conserverepparttar 116341 amount of space you use onrepparttar 116342 dance floor. This is an extremely important point because keeping your steps small respectsrepparttar 116343 space of other dancers and protects you from injury in crowded floors. This also helps you avoid "losing"repparttar 116344 beat as you are dancing with your partner. If on any video you seerepparttar 116345 instructors taking large steps back, it is only forrepparttar 116346 purpose of letting you seerepparttar 116347 footwork on a larger scale.

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Faux Painting

Written by Kathleen Wilson

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Crackling is very popular as aged finishes have become so much a part of showcasing warmth and history in our homes. It can be done without purchasing expensive crackling kits. Crackled finishes are a simple chemical reaction. All you need are two colors of latex paint, one a base coat that will peek through, and one a top coat, that you will seerepparttar most of, and household glue. Thatís right, direct from your kidís art box. Sand and prime your piece if necessary, then paint with your base coat. Remember, this will berepparttar 116340 colorrepparttar 116341 will just peek through, so itís best if it contrasts withrepparttar 116342 top coat. Let dry. Now mix household glue with equal parts water, and brush onto your base coat. This can be done easiest with a foam brush. Allowrepparttar 116343 glue to dry until just tacky, about 30 minutes. Now forrepparttar 116344 reaction part. Brush on your top coat directly overrepparttar 116345 glue coat. Donít brush over any one area more than once, you will ruinrepparttar 116346 crackle effect in that area. You should start seeingrepparttar 116347 crackling take place within a minute or so. The size ofrepparttar 116348 crackles has a lot to do with your technique in applyingrepparttar 116349 top coat, so experiment a little first. Long, smooth strokes tend to produce larger more dramatic cracks than short strokes, and

if you really want a subtle effect, try sponging or ragging onrepparttar 116350 final coat. Allow to dry overnight. If you wish to further antique your work, simply dab or brush it with some wood stain, then wipe off. Repeat until you getrepparttar 116351 look desired. You can seal with polyurethane or clearcoat, or coat it with common furniture wax.

Kathleen WIlson is the editor of a free ezine and newsletter called The Budget Decorator, dedicated to the "budget impaired" home decorator. Visit her at for more free ideas and projects, and for info on her workshop.

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