Sales Letters That Sell!

Written by David A. Wells

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What isrepparttar most compelling reason to buy your product? State it in writing as clearly as you can. You have a headline. Now, hereísrepparttar 137050 important part, write another 50 headlines aboutrepparttar 137051 same benefit.

Set that aside and start writing your letter with your lead. Your lead should build on and restaterepparttar 137052 theme of your headline. Focus onrepparttar 137053 benefit torepparttar 137054 prospect.

Next, you want to back up your strong statement of benefit with details about why your product will lead to such a benefit. Staterepparttar 137055 features that supportrepparttar 137056 statement of benefit.

Forrepparttar 137057 rest of your letter you want to weaverepparttar 137058 benefits together with supporting features. Restate your core benefit often and in a variety of ways. After every statement of benefit tell your prospect why you can deliver on your promise.

You have your rough draft. Now you need to selectrepparttar 137059 best three Headlines you have and start asking people in your office which one is better. Userepparttar 137060 one that wins.

Now itís time to re-write your letter. You should do this several times. Make your letter sound like your talking to a favorite uncle and explaining why your product will be so good for him.

Respect your client. Donít ever talk down to them. Answer every question they might have. Donít be afraid to go long Ė long copy sells better.

Happy Writing.

To Your Prosperity

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Copywriting FAQs

Written by Dina Giolitto,

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How did these brands come to berepparttar households name that they are? Consistency. If you want to build a solid reputation for your company, you must stand firm in your philosophy. You must develop an actual physical image that people recognize (think ofrepparttar 136971 Golden Arches). And above all, you must always speak torepparttar 136972 same people inrepparttar 136973 same way. When people know that they can count on you for predictable behavior, they'll begin to trust you. Customers who trust in your brand always come back.

As a copywriter, I'm your Branding Watchdog. I'll make sure you never fall offrepparttar 136974 branding wagon and start talking like somebody you're not. You should never have to tell your writer, "Let's work on branding," because it's something that gets factored in automatically. Branding is part ofrepparttar 136975 package, and you won't be a smashing success untilrepparttar 136976 backbone of your brand is firmly in place.

4. What if I don't care for what you've written?

Clients with a tight budget usually ask me this question. The answer that always pops into my mind is this: "Do you walk into a restaurant and ask, 'What if I don't likerepparttar 136977 food?'" Of course not, because you understand that there's always a small amount of risk. "Letrepparttar 136978 Buyer Beware!" isrepparttar 136979 famous cliche that still rings true. Even so: if I want to keep you as a customer, I'm going to dorepparttar 136980 best job possible to ensure your satisfaction.

I'm likerepparttar 136981 guy who runs a restaurant. He makes sure your food is prepared justrepparttar 136982 right way, so you'll enjoy it and return again. Likewise, I prepare your copy justrepparttar 136983 right way, inrepparttar 136984 hope that you'll absolutely love it and want to return to my website for some repeat business.

My sole purpose is to create writing materials that reflect your brand intelligently and professionally. You pay me to represent you, so I make your needs priority one. That means I provide rewrites until you're happy withrepparttar 136985 end result. Copywriters with a true passion for their work will welcome this challenge, and they won't stop until you're completely thrilled by what they've created for you. I truly feel this way, and I promise that once we work together, you'll "catchrepparttar 136986 creative fever," too.

5. How long will this project take to complete?

I'll be perfectly honest: to provide you withrepparttar 136987 most accurate assessment, I need your feedback. Give your copywriter a helping hand, and volunteer as much information as possible. How many words/pages? Will this be a kit that contains multiple elements, or a quick 500-word article? Will this project require in-depth research? All of this affectsrepparttar 136988 time it will take to do a quality job. And while quantity is important, quality is more important. I refuse to hand in sloppy work because you wantedrepparttar 136989 job done yesterday.

Additionally:repparttar 136990 less certain you are of what you want,repparttar 136991 longer I'll spend doing "test drafts" that you'll read and give feedback on. This is quite all right by me, but I will warn you that it may lengthenrepparttar 136992 time it takes to finishrepparttar 136993 project. Onrepparttar 136994 other hand, if you know exactly what you want and can express it in a detailed way, your website copy could take less than a week to create!

I hope I've been able to address your concerns as a potential copywriting client, as well as shed some light onrepparttar 136995 copywriting process itself. I truly love what I do, and nothing gives me greater pleasure than putting my creative skill to work helping you build an empire of wealth and success.

If you're thinking of starting your own business, now's a great time. I wish you allrepparttar 136996 luck inrepparttar 136997 world! And if you ever need a copywriter... you know who to call. ;)

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Dina Giolitto is a New-Jersey based Copywriting Consultant with ten years of industry experience. Her current focus is web content and web marketing for a multitude of products and services although the bulk of her experience lies in retail for big-name companies like Toys"R"Us. Visit for rates and samples.

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