Sales Letters And The Cost Of Integrity

Written by Ginger Geracitano

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for example,repparttar letter recommended for use byrepparttar 127204 affiliate program you're writing about. How many affiliates before you have used that same letter? Do you trust someone that doesn't think enough of a product to devote their time to experiencing it? (*) Establish "EXCITEMENT": Don't misunderstand me here, I don't meanrepparttar 127205 dreaded, and *abundantly abused* hype that we see every single day here onrepparttar 127206 internet! By 'excitement', I mean BE excited about your product... convey *why* you're so excited about it to your readers by thinking like a customer. What is it that made you believe in your product enough to buy it yourself, or to develop it, if it's a product of your own creation? What is it about your product that is going to make your prospect say to themselves, "I've GOT to have this"? The one rule I never see anyone mention on this topic is that you MUST staterepparttar 127207 obvious when writing a sales letter! Never assume that your reader will immediately seerepparttar 127208 value in your offer. S-P-E-L-L it out for them! (*) Establish "EASY FOLLOW UP": I don't believe that "less is more" when it comes to sales letters, but I do believe that you don't have to state your entire case in your first page. Your own 'style' will dictate how long your sales letter is. To keep your reader interested, considerrepparttar 127209 following tactics to keep your sales letter a reasonable length: - Offer additional information throughrepparttar 127210 use of an autoresponder. Follow up isrepparttar 127211 key to sales success. Don't allow your readers to conveniently forget that they have a need that you can provide a solution for! - Use text links to more information. If you feel that there is an aspect of your product that needs to be explained in detail, but don't want it to breakrepparttar 127212 focus of your sales letter, lead torepparttar 127213 information through a link that reads something like this... "For more info, click here." (It's SO important to providerepparttar 127214 information necessary to overcome any possible objections by your reader. Surveys taken by your target market beforehand can help to identify possible objections. Once you've identified them, you can deal with more effectively.) - Always offer to allow your prospects to get to know more about you, and your business by inviting them to subscribe to your newsletter. You do have a newsletter, don't you? (*) Ask For The Sale! Years and years of sales training offline have this last point echoing in my ears to this day. Most failed sales attempts are due to a lack of 'asking forrepparttar 127215 sale', or as it's referred to online, 'providing a call to action'. Try this... which ofrepparttar 127216 following 'calls to action' do you react open mindedly to? Example 1: Click Here To Purchase Today! Example 2: You can begin realizing success immediately by simply clicking => here If you beginrepparttar 127217 sales letter process by first being honest with yourself about your offer, you'll be better prepared to make an honest presentation to your reader. Keep in mind that your goal is to produce satisfied customers, not just sales numbers, and I believe your 'success' will increase on many different levels... The only things you lose by writing your sales letter with integrity are dissatisfied customers. I know that my prospects are informed, and have realistic expectations when they make a purchase from me. If you can't sayrepparttar 127218 same, maybe it's time to change your 'style'?

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Online Networking Through Reciprocal Links

Written by Judy Cullins

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4. You build up your resource directory with reciprocal links, thus offering an extra service/feature for your visitors as well as advertising your Web site atrepparttar same time.

5. Visitors come faster to your Web site when they click on someone else's link page. Search engines can take months to list you. New Web sites can quickly build a flow of traffic through reciprocal link exchanges.

6. Your link is guaranteed and people can always find you

7. When you submit a short description your link is customized, and you should offerrepparttar 127203 same to your link partners. A longer link can offer a free ezine or tip and bring far more Web visitors back to your site.

Start your friendly, yet profitable, Online networking today. Just visit a related Web site and ask. Or, notice related email businesses' descriptions and ask for a link exchange.

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