S.1618 - 105th Congress, Unsolicited Email! A Bunch of Bull!

Written by Joe Reinbold

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(A) The name, physical address, electronic mail address, and telephone number ofrepparttar person who initiates transmission ofrepparttar 132837 message.

(B) The name, physical address, electronic mail address, and telephone number ofrepparttar 132838 person who createdrepparttar 132839 content ofrepparttar 132840 message, if different fromrepparttar 132841 information under subparagraph (A).

(C) A statement that further transmissions of unsolicited commercial electronic mail torepparttar 132842 recipient byrepparttar 132843 person who initiates transmission ofrepparttar 132844 message may be stopped at no cost torepparttar 132845 recipient by sending a reply torepparttar 132846 originating electronic mail address withrepparttar 132847 word `remove' inrepparttar 132848 subject line. ------------------------

How many messages citing this "Law" as justification for sending you SPAM containrepparttar 132849 items in Para. (2)(A) & (B). I haven't seen any out ofrepparttar 132850 1000's I received. In fact, in those that I try to send a message back to,repparttar 132851 reply address is usually invalid.

Plus, even though they furnish you with a means atrepparttar 132852 end ofrepparttar 132853 message to "Remove" yourself fromrepparttar 132854 mailings, it is usually a false address or url when you actually try to remove yourself.

This type of mis-information spreads like wildfire once someone makes it up and pretty soon everybody takes it forrepparttar 132855 truth. It is similar to all those emails, forwarded byrepparttar 132856 thousands, proclaiming that Microsoft is going to pay you over $200 for each person you forwardrepparttar 132857 message to.

The use of this statement ofrepparttar 132858 "Law" in sending unsolicited email advertisements does not diminishrepparttar 132859 fact that they are still SPAM no matter how a mailer tries to camouflage his or her efforts. It should also make you think twice, no matter how greatrepparttar 132860 offer looks, aboutrepparttar 132861 integrity ofrepparttar 132862 individual and/or company sending it to you and whether you want to deal with them..

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Written by Darren Robinson

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It took me a few minutes of hard thinking to figure outrepparttar connection, but once I worked it out, I was shocked atrepparttar 132836 power these amateur spam cops now have. An accusation appears to be as good as a conviction, at least inrepparttar 132837 eyes of Virtual Avenue.

It appears this is what happened: for whatever reason, a disgruntled subscriber has been unable to unsubscribe fromrepparttar 132838 WhatUSeek newsletter. So instead of just complaining straight torepparttar 132839 publishers of this newsletter, or even torepparttar 132840 Host ofrepparttar 132841 newsletter web page, they decided to get VERY nasty and file spam reports against every link & email address that they can find within that newsletter (and it is normally quite a big newsletter !).

So this person sees my harmless article, checks outrepparttar 132842 resource box and sends off a spam report torepparttar 132843 Host of my advertised web page. Even though I have never sent an email to this person in my life ! In response to a single unsubstantiated report, Virtual Avenue IMMEDIATELY shuts down all my web sites without any warning.

Numerous further emails were exchanged overrepparttar 132844 next few days, withrepparttar 132845 "support" people (now there's an inappropriate title) refusing to reinstate my web sites, even though they eventually acknowledged I was not a publisher ofrepparttar 132846 newsletter and had not spammed anyone. They had received robot complaints from Spam Cop and were determined that someone was going to suffer for it. I was simply guilty by association.

Meanwhile, I have been spending at least 30 minutes daily responding to allrepparttar 132847 emails complaining aboutrepparttar 132848 site being down, not to mentionrepparttar 132849 many hours involved with shiftingrepparttar 132850 websites elsewhere. I have lost bucket-loads of customers due to a false accusation and a trigger-happy Host who seems anxious to shut-down its own members.

So next time you get annoyed by unsolicted commercial email in your Inbox, just remember - it could be worse. At least these pests aren't actively trying to close down your business.

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