Written by Darren Hendricks

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Depending onrepparttar meet, you may need to bring all or some ofrepparttar 141077 following:
1. At least one folding table.
2. A cash box, with some small bills and change.
3. Folding chairs.
4. A clean tablecloth.
5. A large umbrella, tarp, or other type of canopy to protect your customers (and you) fromrepparttar 141078 sun.
6. Some clear plastic to protect your merchandise if it rains (obviously, this applies to outdoor meets).
7. Plenty of business cards.
8. Some catalogs, brochures, New Arrivals fliers, or other giveaways to help promote further sales.
9. Your Yellow Price List, so you know your bottom line when it's time to haggle.
10. An order book, so you can write receipts and capture names, addresses, and phone numbers of all your customers.
11. A calculator.
12. A rubber stamp for endorsing checks.

Do everything you can to capture as much information about each customer as possible. Along withrepparttar 141079 name, address and phone, try to get an email address, (if you have email capability), a fax number, or even (especially) a credit card number, assuming you have a merchant account

If you're well prepared,repparttar 141080 day ofrepparttar 141081 meet should go pretty smoothly. Sure, you'll have some work to do, but it'll be a lot of fun, too - especially when you start making some sales and putting some cash in your pocket! Here's what you have to do on your first swap meet day:
1. Turn offrepparttar 141082 alarm, get up, shower and get going (well, we told you this was a step-by-step guide, right?)
2. When you arrive atrepparttar 141083 meet, find your space and set up. Rehearse your set-up at home, so you can planrepparttar 141084 most attractive display before you're actually atrepparttar 141085 meet. Your program video offers some examples of display do's and don'ts
3. Decide on your "bottom line;" that is,repparttar 141086 lowest price you'll accept for each item. Our Business Coaching staff recommends one & a half times your cost as a good guideline.
4. Be prepared to take checks. Many of your customers will prefer to pay this way, and sellers report only a very small incidence of "bad" checks. Verify thatrepparttar 141087 address and phone number is current, and it helps to write a driver's license or ID number onrepparttar 141088 check.
5. Remember to recordrepparttar 141089 name, address, phone number, fax number, and email (as many of these as possible) of every customer.
6. You might want a partner along to help managerepparttar 141090 cashbox while you handlerepparttar 141091 sales.


There are a couple of important things to do after one Swap Meet ends, and before another begins.

1. Build your mailing list - Add allrepparttar 141092 customer names you collected to your customer mailing list. Over time, these will be an important part of your follow-up marketing efforts.
2. Plan/Implement mailings - Depending onrepparttar 141093 size of your list, you'll want to start sending your customers some follow-up mailings.

That pretty much coversrepparttar 141094 basics of Swap Meet Marketing. Butrepparttar 141095 main thing is, have a good time. Many sellers like to involverepparttar 141096 family, (includingrepparttar 141097 kids!) and turn weekends into quality time, with everyone working together toward a common cause. Swap Meet marketing is enjoyable, highly profitable, and can be done successfully by devoting just a few hours a week. A number of sellers combine business with pleasure, and travelrepparttar 141098 country from Swap Meet to Swap Meet. They userepparttar 141099 revenues from each weekend to pay for their trip, and for more merchandise to sell atrepparttar 141100 next meet!

Darren Hendricks has been involved in marketing in one form or another since 1979. He has owned or co-owned 3 successful companies. He is currently owner of Far Horizons Home Based Business Program

Helping the Unbanked Save Money

Written by Ethel Robinson

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The prepaid debit card can be gotten at a bank, but how can you get it at a bank it you can't get a checking or a saving account. Many consumers are locked out when it comes to ordering online, from TV, or some other businesses. Many businesses only accept credit or debit cards. The prepaid card can be gotten online with a check or money order .

The prepaid card can also be used for people who have checking or savings accounts. Most bank debit card is attached to a saving or checking account, leavingrepparttar account holder open to fraud. An unknown person can getrepparttar 141076 account number and withdraw funds without your knowledge. Having a prepaid or debit card can eliminates this threat. Withrepparttar 141077 prepaid or debit card, onlyrepparttar 141078 amount of money onrepparttar 141079 card is subject to loss. This card can also help one stay on a budget and lower credit card debt.

Parents, this card is great for college students. With two cards you can keep an eye on how your child is spendingrepparttar 141080 cash you are sending via transfer to put onrepparttar 141081 card for college expenses. There is an online statement of all transactions. Or you can make a call to get it.

What a great way to save money and but this onrepparttar 141082 card for vacation. Add torepparttar 141083 card little by little or save and add at one time. Keep savingrepparttar 141084 pennies, nickels and dimes. They will pay in a great vacation. Make your hotel and rental car reservations.

Not only can this card but used forrepparttar 141085 above situations, they also can be used forrepparttar 141086 following: customers with bankruptcies, county court judgments, defaults, a low credit score, are unemployed, payment privacy and income support or benefit. Not only do this cards help save money, some also give a person a chance to earn money in their own business.

www.directpaycash.com/go/visabiz4us or www.visabiz4us.com

Ethel Robinson has owned and was in the mortgage business for eight years. She encountered many people with credit issues. Ethel is an entreprenuer with online and off-line business.

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