Written by Irvin L. Rozier

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In our present year of two thousand and five A.D. God still raises up people like you and me To do his work in such a time like this To point others to Jesus so heaven they won't miss Knowledge has increased and many are running to and fro God's word is truth, this one thing I know

Copyright 2005 Irvin L. Rozier

Author of My Walk with the Lord,, various other articles and poems (do a google search or yahoo on my name), preacher, retired military

Christian Woman

Written by Bill Naugle

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I have just written a new (2005) book, that beams light on this subject. It is called “Sarah”. You can receive this book in print or download. This means that you could receive these powerful truths and have this supernatural anointing of The Holy Spirit today! This book is written primarily for women. It releases this powerful anointing upon them as they read! I hope all women read this book.

I have been writing for 30 years on subjects of financial gain and other topics. I have written 2 books and many pamphlets. I also written many articles. I like subjects that deal with self improvement.

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