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I would suggest your next step is to really think about what you enjoy doing, then find an online business that fits in that world.

There is a fantastic book written by Napoleon Hill titled “Think and grow rich”, you can find a link to it here:

Napoleon Hill was commissioned by US Steel magnate “Andrew Carnegie” inrepparttar early 1900’s to write a book detailingrepparttar 117198 reasons some men conquer wealth in life whilerepparttar 117199 majority fail disally. Napoleon was paid nothing to write this book, but he was introduced to 500 ofrepparttar 117200 worlds most powerful men for his research, spending 25 years inrepparttar 117201 process,repparttar 117202 book outlines some very simple and inspirational thinking… This book will change your perception about your own limitations and opportunities.

His underlying theory illustrated through examples, interviews and meetings is; when you need things in life, you usually get them… you just have to know how to turn desire into a need, then you will achieve.

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10 Ways to Make Money with your Digital Camera

Written by C.S. Deam

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8. Publish Church Directories - most churches want directories ofrepparttar families and other members of their congregation or parish. By using your digital camera, careful documentation, and a some software you can create a church directory that include a photo of each family or individual, as well as their contact information. Your directory doesn't just have to be a printed out version, it could also be an online version. However, due to privacy concerns, some churches may not want their members contact information to be publicly available viarepparttar 117197 world wide web.

9. Selling Scrapbooks of Events - if you're a Scout leader or a participant in a family or class reunion, you could berepparttar 117198 person who takes pictures ofrepparttar 117199 big event, compiles it into a easy-reading visual scrapbook, and sells it to others who were atrepparttar 117200 event. Everyone wants a souvenir and reminder of a good time, and as memories fade, a quality scrapbook would be something most people appreciate.

10. Freelance photographer - go to public events and take photographs ofrepparttar 117201 goings-on. Immediately contact local newspapers and magazines aboutrepparttar 117202 availability of your photographs and work outrepparttar 117203 details of how they prefer to look atrepparttar 117204 images you've captured. You never can tell when a publication didn't know aboutrepparttar 117205 event inrepparttar 117206 first place.

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