Written by Pamela Heywood

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You are impatient, you may even be hungry, but you cannot shortcutrepparttar need to spend time learningrepparttar 117891 culture, building your business and your business relationships. The more so if your line wasn't business beforerepparttar 117892 net. Mine was, with 20+ years as an accountant that has been of enormous help. The environment and tools may be different, but business is stillrepparttar 117893 same thing it ever was. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You still have to be business-like and strive at it to succeed.

I still have a long way to go, but I am happy to be getting there. Onrepparttar 117894 other hand, you can now take it from me (self- appointed expert!) that it certainly is possible -- my dad said it wasn't! You too might have close family and friends who discourage you. It would be easy to listen to them, to give up. Don't! Do they knowrepparttar 117895 net? Tell them (respectfully) to go ...

Having got this far, you can be sure that I will not be sitting back and resting on my laurels. I have some great friends and associates onrepparttar 117896 net, some glowing testimonials, have plans for new products and better things for my business, more joint ventures ... I've only done that through learning, networking, making contacts, giving something of value and thinking, not just of money today, but ofrepparttar 117897 long-term rewards and benefits.

"It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich." Sarah Bernhardt, 19th century actress

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Operating a small business WITHOUT accountants, lawyers etc...

Written by Steve Hartung

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It's simple and you can start today... By firing your lawyer(s), accountant(s), human resource managers, benefits manager, risk managers and information managers. Thats right, fire them! And outsource all of these tasks to a Professional Employment Organization! Or a P.E.O. for short.

A P.E.O. managesrepparttar "business of employees" so you can manage your business for bottom-line profits! If your competitor is already usingrepparttar 117890 services of a P.E.O., 35% to 45% of their time is spent earning profits and not dealing with employees. Is thatrepparttar 117891 type of competitor you want to go head to head with? The competitor with a huge advantage over you? I would tend to think NOT.

And your competitors employees are receiving fortune 500 quality health benefits that keeps them happy and onrepparttar 117892 job working hard while your employees, if lucky get low rated health benefits if any at all. Your competitor makes one phone call to one P.E.O. and EVERYTHING is taken care of. Period.

Of course there is so much more to a P.E.O. then could be explained here. So Im encouraging all small business owners who are looking forrepparttar 117893 21st century way of doing business to further educate yourselves by gettingrepparttar 117894 full details of how a P.E.O. can turn your sagging profits intorepparttar 117895 bottom-line gains we will all need to survive in these trying times.

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