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Northern Light

Open Directory Project (DMOZ)

Scrub The Web


Note: many ofrepparttar above sites have regional versions that may well be more appropriate for your site.


Only resubmit your website torepparttar 128171 search engines if it has not been added torepparttar 128172 specific search engine or directory. So how do you know if your site has been added? Well, you can visit each site above and search for your URL (e.g. do a search for

Or you could userepparttar 128173 following position checking tools, and see how your site ranks forrepparttar 128174 keyword of ''


- ools/eyespy/


Any results not in top 50 suggest your site has not yet been added torepparttar 128175 search engine's database yet.


Forrepparttar 128176 programmers out there, you might like to create your own site submission and position checking tools. The best place to find such resources is


You can find out a great deal more about search engine submission fromrepparttar 128177 following excellent resources. Just do a search for "search engine submission" and off you go! (You can also find out more about paid search engine submissions here too.)


Search engines are a great way of getting traffic to your site. More and more search engines are now charging to be listed, though, so it makes it more important than ever that you create great content and choose keywords, meta tags etc. carefully.

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Are You Targeting The Wrong Keywords?

Written by Kalena Jordan

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To prove my point, I researchedrepparttar client’s chosen phrases using Wordtracker keyword software and then did comparison research usingrepparttar 128170 more logical phrases above. The results were crystal clear:repparttar 128171 logical, simplified phrases were many times more popular thanrepparttar 128172 "jargonized" ones. Once I demonstrated this torepparttar 128173 client, they were more than happy for us to conduct more thorough keyword research and start their search engine optimization campaign with a clean slate.

When selectingrepparttar 128174 keywords and phrases for your site, remember to select search terms that describe your products and services inrepparttar 128175 most logical, simple and specific way. By doing so you’ll not only increaserepparttar 128176 search engine traffic to your site, but you’ll ensure your visitors are highly qualified to buy your products and services when they arrive.

Article by Kalena Jordan, CEO of Web Rank. Kalena was one of the first search engine optimization experts in Australia & New Zealand and is well known and respected in her field. For more of her articles on search engine ranking and online marketing, please visit

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