STREAMING MEDIA - Leveling the Playing Field for Small Business - Part III

Written by Don Rhodes

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There are many businesses that can use streaming video to their advantage. Companies that sell training materials arerepparttar most obvious. Because streaming media can be played upon demand, employees and/or customers can view materials when they have time to concentrate onrepparttar 134636 content. This is a valuable selling tool, especially if your customer has employees in remote locations. Your encoding company can also set up your materials to be password protected; this is especially attractive to corporations who would like to userepparttar 134637 Internet for internal communications.

Streaming video is also an excellent choice for product demonstrations, especially whenrepparttar 134638 product's features are difficult to explain using only text or still pictures. Caterers and restaurants can give potential customers tours of their facilities or show clips of some of their "special events" such as weddings. Hotels can show corporate accounts their meeting rooms, accommodations, and leisure-time facilities. Country clubs can take new members torepparttar 134639 golf course or have them take lessons fromrepparttar 134640 golf pro. Health clubs can show-off their gym facilities andrepparttar 134641 amenities inrepparttar 134642 locker rooms. Realtors can take interested buyers, especially those in cities far away, on a tour ofrepparttar 134643 town in which a property is located. Universities could showcase their laboratories, their libraries, or their dormitory facilities. The list could go on and on...

I hope that in these three articles I've whetted your interest in utilizing streaming media to enhance your web site. Just rememberrepparttar 134644 following: 1. Find a company that is reputable and understands what you are trying to accomplish at your web site. (For a list of companies that are members ofrepparttar 134645 RealNetworks Design and Production Agencies, see: 2. Be certain thatrepparttar 134646 samples of their own work meet your criteria for professionalism. (Warning: if a video pauses during playback, this is notrepparttar 134647 fault ofrepparttar 134648 producer or ofrepparttar 134649 video stream. It could be net congestion or a heavy amount of traffic onrepparttar 134650 site!) 3. Do not judge on price alone! Turnaround time, hosting capabilities, and technical knowledge have associated costs that are often overlooked.

Streaming media is affordable, enjoyable, and is only going to grow in importance to those of us doing business onrepparttar 134651 web. Enhance your web site, your business, andrepparttar 134652 profits at your bottom line with streaming's a sound business decision.

Don Rhodes, owner of WBC Imaging, a company specializing in web site enhancement utilizing streaming media technology. Mr. Rhodes is a broadcast engineer who believes that the Internet is the media delivery system of the future. Please direct all questions and comments to: WBC Imaging 520-742-5780

Graphics for the web: The Most Common Formats

Written by Richard Lowe

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- Animation - You can tie together multiple images to create animation.

The problems of GIF are:

- GIF uses a proprietary encoding/decoding scheme called LZW (Lempel Zev Welch). This scheme is patented by Unisys, who has been sending out letters demanding compensation from some companies who have created commercial image applications.

- GIF images can only include 256 colors.

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) - Another very common format onrepparttar internet. JPEG (also known as JPG) images use a lossy compression scheme. This means that as you optimize your image bits are removed. Whenrepparttar 134635 image is decompressed,repparttar 134636 bits are interpolated. This means that as you use greater and greater compression, your image tends to get fuzzier and fuzzier.

This format is best for images with gradients, such as paintings and photos. Images with sharp definition, such as clipart and text, should be saved as GIF or PNG.

JPEG images can often be compressed to smaller sizes thanrepparttar 134637 exact same image in GIF format, although some definition may be lost. Depending uponrepparttar 134638 image, this may or may not be important.

The main reason why JPEG images would be used instead of GIF is that JPEG's support more than 256 colors.

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) - PNG is a new, up-and-coming format. PNG has all ofrepparttar 134639 features of GIF except for animation, and PNG hasrepparttar 134640 advantage of allowing for more than 256 colors. In addition,repparttar 134641 compression algorithm of PNG is public domain and non-lossy (bits ofrepparttar 134642 image are not lost), which makes it superior to both GIF and JPG.

All ofrepparttar 134643 newer browsers support PNG format, including Netscape and Internet Explorer. You should still use this format with caution, as older browsers do not support it at all. Thus, if you userepparttar 134644 format you are more-or-less locking out those who have not upgraded their browsers.

Richard Lowe Jr. is the webmaster of Internet Tips And Secrets. This website includes over 1,000 free articles to improve your internet profits, enjoyment and knowledge. Web Site Address: Weekly newsletter: Daily Tips:

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