STOP Telemarketers Dead In Their Tracks

Written by Jim Edwards

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Log on to and clickrepparttar "Register a Phone Number" link.

The service allows you to register up to 3 phone numbers, so you can even put your cell phone onrepparttar 113512 do not call list.

Once you register a phone number,repparttar 113513 website will send you a confirmation email with a link you must click before your phone number gets added torepparttar 113514 database. ** Some common questions people ask aboutrepparttar 113515 National Do Not Call Registry include: ** How soon after I register will I notice a reduction in calls?

If you register by August 31, 2003, you will start receiving fewer telemarketing calls by October 1, 2003.

If you register after September 1, 2003, telemarketers covered byrepparttar 113516 National Do Not Call Registry will have up to three months fromrepparttar 113517 date you register to stop calling you.

How long until my phone number shows up inrepparttar 113518 registry?

After you register, your phone number will be available for telemarketers to remove it from their call lists byrepparttar 113519 next day.

Telemarketers will have up to three months to get your phone number and remove it from their call lists.

What if a telemarketer calls me after I've signed up?

As long as you haverepparttar 113520 telemarketer's company name or phone number you can file a complaint online throughrepparttar 113521 "File a Complaint" page onrepparttar 113522 website.

For more information, log on to today.

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Socialism and Capitalism in the United States.

Written by Ronald Munro

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Finally we have our Chief of police who reports torepparttar Executive Director of Tribal Operations and he is also a Director onrepparttar 113511 Tribal Board of Directors. So any intelligent person can see people reporting to themselves is a conflict of interest. Yet each of them will tell you they do not see a conflict. Each Tribal Board position is also a paid position. Yet none of these Board members who have more than one career is ever seen putting in 40 hours a week in each position. The CEO ofrepparttar 113512 Detroit casino does not even reside inrepparttar 113513 Lower Peninsula whererepparttar 113514 job is.

It does not stop there; almost every committee inrepparttar 113515 Tribe has at least two Board members on it. Every committee must report back torepparttar 113516 Tribal Board of Directors. The worst committee conflict is our school board, which has five board members on it and only a couple of parents. So if you disagree withrepparttar 113517 school board decisions your out of luck as you have basically reachedrepparttar 113518 end ofrepparttar 113519 line. The Tribal members would like to seerepparttar 113520 Board of Directors removed from all ofrepparttar 113521 committees and replaced by regular members or at least make them ex-official.

The actual Tribal members receive several services fromrepparttar 113522 Tribe. Some ofrepparttar 113523 larger ones are, a school forrepparttar 113524 children, educational benefits, health care, affordable housing, low income rent, elder services, USDA food program, employment, community and family services and several other smaller services like recreational activities. Unfortunately a large number ofrepparttar 113525 members live belowrepparttar 113526 National poverty level whilerepparttar 113527 Tribal Chairman alone makes over $250,000 per year. Another thing to point out is that all of these programs are subsidized if not completely funded by Federal grants and dollars.

The Tribal constitution states that we shall followrepparttar 113528 US Constitution, however when a lot of members try to voice their political opinions they are labeled as dissidents or accused of attackingrepparttar 113529 board members and if you work forrepparttar 113530 Tribe you risk becoming unemployed for exercising your right to freedom of speech. Many of these socialistic ideas were presented in an article inrepparttar 113531 Detroit news in its November 11th 2001 edition.

The Tribal Board of Directors controls everything that happens withinrepparttar 113532 Tribe. They controlrepparttar 113533 only newspaper. Anyone seeking employment has to be approved byrepparttar 113534 Chairman andrepparttar 113535 Executive Director of Tribal Operations, basically to be hiredrepparttar 113536 golden trio must like you. All ofrepparttar 113537 other services provided, all of its court system and they controlrepparttar 113538 Tribal police. The Board controls evenrepparttar 113539 school andrepparttar 113540 election process.

The Tribal Board also has many closed door meetings preventing members from knowing exactly what they are up to even though we have an open meetings act. This is what they did when they decided to makerepparttar 113541 Chairmanrepparttar 113542 CEO and when they gave themselves pay raises.

Recently many complaints were submitted torepparttar 113543 election committee only to be thrown out. A majority ofrepparttar 113544 Tribal members want our election process changed in several ways, butrepparttar 113545 Board refuses to listen, as they are not willing to give up their dictatorship powers. One ofrepparttar 113546 main issues isrepparttar 113547 members want a primary election. Another is we wantrepparttar 113548 Board to followrepparttar 113549 Tribal Constitution and eliminate a Board resolution, which requires a blood quantum to become a director, which was illegally enacted. Some members would also likerepparttar 113550 elections controlled by an outside neutral party to prevent election fraud.

Also millions of dollars have been wasted by this board on failed business attempts or pay offs (political contributions) to US Congressmen. This is all an example of socialism right here inside our own boarders. The Tribal members continue to be oppressed whilerepparttar 113551 members ofrepparttar 113552 Board of Directors especiallyrepparttar 113553 golden trio continue to grow richer. Just last year they voted themselves a 35% retroactive five year pay raise.

Another interesting thing to point out is that our local casino has concerts which every seated incumbent gets unlimited tickets to which they could use to persuade members to vote for them orrepparttar 113554 golden trio can offer people who work forrepparttar 113555 Tribe pay raises or employment to get votes. This all makes it harder for political challengers to get elected.

Now you must be asking yourself why would someone want to go through this and be a Tribal member? First lets look at another example. In World War 1 and World War 2 didrepparttar 113556 Jewish people stop being Jews just because Hitler a Dictator wanted to destroy all of them? No, it is part of their heritage and race. They did not give up but continued to fightrepparttar 113557 dictator until they were freed. Now life is better for most of them, especiallyrepparttar 113558 ones living inrepparttar 113559 United States whom enjoy all ofrepparttar 113560 rights afforded to US citizens.

So it isrepparttar 113561 same for Native Americans, we have fought oppression for centuries it is our heritage and race; it is a part of who we are. Simply put some of us are proud to be Native Americans and hope to someday change our Board of Directors from a Dictatorship to a Government ofrepparttar 113562 people byrepparttar 113563 people forrepparttar 113564 people. Eventually we plan on having a free democratic and capitalistic government guiding our Tribe. We must do this to securerepparttar 113565 future for our children so they too can be proud to be Americans and Native Americans.

As a Disabled American Veteran, I have all ready given a part of myself for this country and I will continue until socialism is removed from our borders. As a Native American I will try to help protectrepparttar 113566 rights of other Native Americans whom are afraid to speak their minds for fear of reprisal fromrepparttar 113567 Tribal Board of Directors. So that someday they too will enjoyrepparttar 113568 same rights afforded to any other US citizen.

“Where men cannot freely convey their thoughts to one another, no other liberty is secure.” Harvard philosopher William Hocking wrote in 1947.

This final paper has shown many ofrepparttar 113569 aspects of business history we learned this term. Mainly it has shown socialism and capitalism inrepparttar 113570 United States. Also it has revealed aspects of poverty, dictatorship, political oppression, poor management and complete disregard forrepparttar 113571 rights of others. With all that we have learned in history this term I leave you with one final thing to consider. Would people who are US citizens working for any Tribe be considered expatriates? This is a tough one because there are people who live on Tribal property and work forrepparttar 113572 Tribe even though they are all US citizens. You could argue it either way.

References: Include but not limited to Articles fromrepparttar 113573 Detroit News November 11th 2001 edition, Many articles fromrepparttar 113574 Sault Tribe paper,repparttar 113575 Tribal and US Constitutions.

BBA student at Northwood University

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