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A Letter To Ezine Publishers: With Gratitude

Written by Jo McNamara

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Most ofrepparttar products Iíve bought, I bought from you, Dear Publisher. I will buy from you because weíve been together for a while and Iíve come to trust you. Forrepparttar 124302 most part, I know that what you are offering is something you believe will help me in my Net marketing efforts. And youíre usually right. I now know who is just trying to shove a product down my throat to make a buck. But Iím not worried about you because I no longer subscribe to your publication

It was duringrepparttar 124303 tragic events following September 11; I came to realize that you, as publishers, and we, as subscribers, were a community. We pulled together. You suggested we give blood; you gave us information on how we could help. You showed us your hearts; you shared your tears with us.

As publishers of electronic newsletters, you give so much to us. You dedicate much, if not most of your time to give us something very valuable. And you give it to us for free. All you ask in return is that we read what you are offering and hopefully, learn from it. You come into our lives daily, weekly, monthly. Sometimes we subscribers take you for granted. We forget to say "thank you."



A Subscriber

"He who receives a benefit with gratitude repaysrepparttar 124304 first installment on his debt." Marcus Annaeus Seneca

P.S. I have many more installments to make.

Jo McNamara lives in Orlando, FL with 8 cats and 1 husband. You may receive other articles written by Jo at: "I wish Iíd found the Internet Marketing Success Arsenal when I first started out...I would have saved myself countless, wasted hours and more money than I care to think about!"

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