Written by Alyn Edwards

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>From a public relations perspective, however, there are a few things to remember to ensure your video does what you want it to.

THE HEAVY SELL MUST BE KEPT TO A MINIMUM. Despite appearances, your streaming video is not a commercial. At least it shouldn't be a hard- selling pitch for business. The Internet is still an environment where overt commercialism is frowned upon. Take a journalistic approach and create a video inrepparttar style of a news or documentary item that might play onrepparttar 101189 six o'clock news. Users want information and won't take kindly to downloading hype.

THE PRODUCTION QUALITY MUST BE HIGH. This notrepparttar 101190 time to bring out repparttar 101191 family video cam and become a filmmaker. Hire video producers who know what they are doing. And a word about budget. You need not spend tens of thousands of dollars forrepparttar 101192 finished product especially if you takerepparttar 101193 journalistic approach mentioned above.

Through streaming video, Galbraith reaches customers he might not through traditional advertising and he touches them in ways a brochure could never do. His streaming videos do allrepparttar 101194 talking and, forrepparttar 101195 price of a single full-page ad inrepparttar 101196 local daily paper, he has produced a tool that can closerepparttar 101197 sale all by itself.

If you want to see it in action, check out

Alyn Edwards is VP and news director at Verus Public Relations ( A 30-year veteran of print and broadcast newsrooms, he heads up the in-house production team. He has a special summer PR package to introduce organizations to the promotional power of the media and the Internet.

The Biggest Promotion Mistake

Written by Gordon King

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To someone new inrepparttar business opportunity market this list could be a make or break for their business but it showed me what a lot of businesses online or off-line are doing wrong.

If you try to sell any product you run a better chance of selling it to a buyer than another seller but a lot of direct marketers are promoting their product to other sellers.

If you post a message to a Newsgroup or FFA site they are full of other sellers and you usually get counter messages trying to sell you something.

The same goes with mail order mailing lists they usually contain more sellers than buyers.

It doesn't matter how good your product is or how good your headline or promotion materials are, if your message is going to someone who is already involved with a business opportunity you can be sure they don't want another one.

In order to reachrepparttar 101188 real market for your product you must advertise in any magazine or ezine that your potential buyers would read.

Create an advert that will invite potential customers to send for further information on your product or service.

When customers reply to your advert save their names and addresses to a database or address book and use these names to promote your products.

These names have maderepparttar 101189 effort to contact you and have shown an interest in your product so it is only a matter of time before they purchase one or more of your products.

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