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1) Get Free Email for Life from to communicate with your clients.

2) Get Ready made Web sites, FREE URL with FREE HOSTING from, you can design web sites within a few minutes withrepparttar help of wizards they provide. You can use to get pre-designed Java-scripts/Java- applets and use them to make your web site more attractive. Describe your services and contact details. You can also check your site statistics, no. of hits day by day, referrer, systems used to see your site from too. This does not required any designing, programming experience.

3) Setup eStore, affiliate with web sites like and put their links on your web site. If someone visits your site and then goes to affiliated sites and make some purchases, you will be get paid commissions.

4) Promote your web site for FREE! Submit your web site URL to 110 search engines byrepparttar 117894 help of Use proper keywords and use META TAG in your index.htm file too. Submit all important pages of your site, not only index.htm. Submit your company details to biz directories too, like Subscribe and read articles from and to know how you can promote your web site and business.

5) eMarketing: Advertise by sending email to business persons. Include a header or footer as "If you do not want to receive email ads please reply with UNSUBSCRIBE inrepparttar 117895 subject line", do not send them email if they do not want to receive. Offer FREE services to them. You can find email addresses of business persons from biz directories, newspapers, magazine etc. Also, try to read messages and reply that are familiar to your site and in newsgroups like with a short description of your site and URL.

6) Don't loose current visitors of your web site. If you want to see your visitors back again and again use to manage a community of people of familiar interests. You can also offer your clients free email accounts for life withrepparttar 117896 help of and when your visitors will get email services from your site, they will be back to check emails. If you need more information regarding this topic or if you can suggest me any useful idea, I am looking forward to you.

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How To Make Money on the Internet Without Creating Your Own Product

Written by Milana Nastetskaya

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Many authors, especially new ones, have never thought of offering resell rights to their products. If you find a product that you like and want to resell, contactrepparttar author and make him or her an offer. Make sure it is a high quality product that you would want to purchase for yourself. For example, I was contacted several times by my past customers who so much liked my products that they wanted to ownrepparttar 117893 rights to it. This is a great indicator that you will succeed selling this product: you read it, you liked it, you know it, you can write a great sales copy to sell it from your heart.

One other good way to find reprint rights to quality products is by going to a Search Engine and typing a word or a phrase on a subject you want to focus on. When browsing through results, pick out web sites that sell a product you are interested in AND have low traffic. Use Alexa (free from to find out each site's traffic rating, which is a good indicator of howrepparttar 117894 site is doing. Webmasters of low traffic sites might sell reprint rights to their products cheaper than any popular site.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Important questions to ask before purchasing reprint rights ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am not going to call myself an expert on reprint rights. But after selling almost a dozen rights to three of my products, I learned a lot aboutrepparttar 117895 subject. Here arerepparttar 117896 questions you should ask before you decide on a product to purchase:

1. How many other people will be allowed to sell this product? In other words, will there be a limit to how many resell rights are available? A standard number for information products is 20 resellers. More than that might create market saturation and too much competition betweenrepparttar 117897 resellers. Also, every marketing strategy that you implement might be "borrowed" by your competitors and hurt your sales.

2. How many copies of this product have been sold? The answer will simply tell you if this product has been popular and selling well. While it is difficult to say what number of sold copies will qualify a product as "popular", remember that even if it is a brand new product (e.g. my oldest book is only 7 months old) it can still be a winner. The author may be just enteringrepparttar 117898 arena and is not known on repparttar 117899 Internet yet, or hasn't been putting enough effort to create steady sales. For example, as soon as I was done with my 1st product, I immediately started creating my 2nd one which turned in fact to be two more new products - I know, tell me I need to focus :-) - so I didn't have time to get out and actively promote my 1st book.

3. Are you allowed to modifyrepparttar 117900 product and/or reproduce it in a different format? Most e-books are made into an executable (EXE) or an Acrobat Reader (PDF) file format. But if you want to put this product on a CD, or publish it as a hard copy, you might need a special permission fromrepparttar 117901 author first. Ask if you are limited to a certain format or are you free to make it into anything you wish.

4. Can you sellrepparttar 117902 reprint rights to this book? Many products out there includerepparttar 117903 right to resellrepparttar 117904 rights. In other words, you pay $49.95 for a book, then turn around and sell this book to someone else. That someone else can do repparttar 117905 same thing, and so on. As you understand, this technique will reach market saturation very fast (the rights are affordable and you can resell them, too).

But many products of high quality do not includerepparttar 117906 right to resellrepparttar 117907 rights. You need to purchase such rights, called Master Reprint Rights, separately at a higher price. While it is not affordable to everyone, it certainly limitsrepparttar 117908 number of resellers to onlyrepparttar 117909 serious ones.

5. Willrepparttar 117910 author/seller offer you technical and marketing support? Make surerepparttar 117911 person you purchaserepparttar 117912 rights from will keep in touch with you and help you get started with repparttar 117913 product. It doesn't mean creating a web site for you and writing your ad copy. Simply being there in case a question or a problem arises is all you need. Especially so if you purchasedrepparttar 117914 rights fromrepparttar 117915 author: after all, he or she knows this productrepparttar 117916 best and isrepparttar 117917 only one who can answer allrepparttar 117918 questions that you (or your customers) might have.

Once you purchaserepparttar 117919 rights to a product, get right to it. Don't waste any time setting up your web site and starting to sell it. And if you are fast enough, you might make your first sale within hours after purchasingrepparttar 117920 rights.

Milana Nastetskaya is a full-time web developer and the author of 3 books: "Create Your First Business Web Site in 10 days!", "65 Instant Web Answers!" and "How To Install and Troubleshoot CGI scripts".

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