Written by Lee Wise

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But sharing with an audience -- even if only an audience of one -- from deep within and sharing what I hold dear to my heart is something I don't do because I listened to a taped series onrepparttar art of speaking well.


I share that way because I'm striving to live well. I speak that way because I allow what I'm learning and value in life to mold my words.

That's great speaking -- speaking fromrepparttar 123941 heart!!

Reflecting on Doc's message, I say to myself: "God, give merepparttar 123942 grace to speak like that in my life. Let my words come from a life well lived and a heart well trained inrepparttar 123943 art of loving You and others."

Speaking fromrepparttar 123944 heart -- a good heart -- helps us in at least three important ways:

1. It helps us "connect" with people 2. It gives us credibility as we share 3. It protects us from motives which take advantage of people


In my opinion we all need to learn fromrepparttar 123945 "Docs" ofrepparttar 123946 world. They are valuable people.

Thanks, Doc. I'm still trying to listen and learn. Your message got through today. My challenge will be making sure it "hits home" tomorrow andrepparttar 123947 next day.

Andrepparttar 123948 next.

Lee is a Seminary administrator, has a part-time home business, and writes his own motivational mailing. You may contact him at lfwise@aol.com or by visiting http://www.retirequickly.com/89863. Permission is given to distribute article. This entire paragraph must be included.

Harness Your Personal Power

Written by Francoise Rapp

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* Maintain a journal expressing your needs and wants; * Preparerepparttar aromatic blend below. Pour a few drops intorepparttar 123940 palm of your hands and inhale deeply several times throughoutrepparttar 123941 day. * Anoint your solar plexus and sacrum withrepparttar 123942 aromatic blend while sayingrepparttar 123943 following affirmation three times aloud: "As I harness my power, I recognizerepparttar 123944 strength and beauty of who I am."

******** Blend to Harness Your Personal Power ******** To preparerepparttar 123945 blend, pourrepparttar 123946 essential oils in a 10ml bottle and then add an organic vegetable oil to fill, such as sweet almond, jojoba or safflower. -10 drops Rosemary -9 drops Lemon -7 drops Bay leaves (or Laurel) -7 drops Cypress

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