SPAM and how it can save you money!

Written by George Kosch

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Most people would probably pay for such a service that provided them with updates on business scams and companies that are going under. But, it's free for us all. As a matter of fact, I recently worked on a software problem with one of Microsoft's tech support people. This guy was one ofrepparttar core database programmers that you just don't see everyday onrepparttar 132839 street. During our work we had a short break whilerepparttar 132840 program was compiling so I asked him how long he worked forrepparttar 132841 largest company inrepparttar 132842 world. He told me, just over two years.

Then it hit me, I asked him how Microsoft blocked spam. I figured this grand company had some secret way of doing it and just had to know. He told me that he gets about a hundred spams a day on average and that there is no way to block it since it is just so rampant. So folks if Microsoft can't stop it, spam is here to stay, so let's use it and save some of our hard earned money.

Oh, look at whatrepparttar 132843 cat just dragged in…

Spam clip…

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Need I say more?

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Help for Victims

Written by Jim Daniels

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Please reply to this email message beforerepparttar close of business on or we will be forced to pursue further action. We will also expect a full letter of explanation mailed or faxed to our offices.

Thank you for your cooperation.

And closing today's column, here are a few additional tips to help you avoid trouble with unsolicited email...

- If you have an opt-in list, keep EVERY opt-in request you ever receive. I keep opt-in requests dating back years. On several occasions I have been able to provide proof of signup to someone who forgot they joined and accused me of sending unsolicited email. These email "receipts" also come in handy with ISPs and web hosts.

- Keep your email addresses from being harvested at your website by using a tool that encodes your email addresses. It's a great way to cut down on spam and avoid situations likerepparttar 132838 one I ran into! Seerepparttar 132839 following URL for a free encoding service:

- At your site, state your policy on unsolicited email very clearly. It's also a good idea to post reports of any incidents atrepparttar 132840 same area of your site. See for an example of how you can set this up.

Well, this closes a rare, not-so-fun chapter in online marketing. Hopefully today's tip will help you avoid trouble or save you a bit of time if and when trouble does arrive.

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