SPAM Laws of 2001

Written by A.T.Rendon

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First, because ofrepparttar language that allows for a one-time email to be sent so long as a valid return email address is provided byrepparttar 132807 sender andrepparttar 132808 sender removes anyonerepparttar 132809 so requests to be removed from that mailing list.

Although this isrepparttar 132810 same exact language that was included inrepparttar 132811 bill that passedrepparttar 132812 House last year, many SPAM fanatics are raising objections to its' inclusion inrepparttar 132813 bill this year.

Second, isrepparttar 132814 language inrepparttar 132815 last paragraph that would allow a "right of action by a recipient or provider",repparttar 132816 problem being thatrepparttar 132817 law would allow Internet Service Providers, ISP's, to file for monetary damages against spammers torepparttar 132818 tune of $500 per email sent or $50,000 per mailing incident.

Opponents argue that ISP's would be filing against anyone that might be accused of SPAM, guilty or not, in hopes of reaping big financial gains.

Considering how SPAM compalints are often handled these days with innocent people having their services terminated or web site shut down without even having allegations of SPAM investigated, perhaps there is reason for such fears of abuse.

A search of bothrepparttar 132819 Senate, andrepparttar 132820 House, http:/ found onlyrepparttar 132821 following under The keyword "Spam":

Two other bills introduced inrepparttar 132822 House are:

1. Wireless Telephone Spam Protection Act - H.R.113 : http:/ emp/~c107WLOF59::

2. Anti-Spamming Act of 2001 - H.R. 1017: This Act may be cited asrepparttar 132823 `Anti-Spamming Act of 2001' http:/ emp/~c107WLOF59::

Rep. Gene Green, fromrepparttar 132824 29th District in Texas and isrepparttar 132825 sponsor of HR 95, so if you wish to make any suggestions or comments onrepparttar 132826 proposed Spam Law, he can be reached by any ofrepparttar 132827 following:

HON. GENE GREEN 2335 Rayburn HOB Washington, DC 20515 (202) 225-1688 Fax: (202) 225-9903

HON. GENE GREEN 256 N. Sam Houston Pkwy. E., Suite 29 Houston, TX 77060 (281) 999-5879 Fax: (281) 999-5716

If you would like to send him an email, you may do so by visiting his official web site at: and filling outrepparttar 132828 supplied form.

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Written by Beka Ruse

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Also, use more than one e-mail address, and keep one "clean." Many netizens find that this technique turnsrepparttar spam flood into a trickle. Use one address for only spam-safe activities like e-mailing your friends, or signing on with trustworthy businesses. Never use your clean address onrepparttar 132806 web! Get a free address to use onrepparttar 132807 web and in chat rooms.

If nothing else helps, consider changing screen names, or opening an entirely new e-mail account. When you do, you'll start with a clean, spam-free slate. This time, protect your e-mail address!

---------------------------------- STAY OFF SPAMMED LISTS IN THE FUTURE ----------------------------------

Want to surfrepparttar 132808 web without getting sucked intorepparttar 132809 spam-flood? Prevention is your best policy. Don't use an easy-to-guess e-mail address. Keep your address clean by not using it for spam-centric activities. Don't post it on any web pages, and don't use it in chat rooms or newsgroups.

Before giving your clean e-mail address to a business, check repparttar 132810 company out. Are sections of its user agreement dedicated to anti-spam rules? Does a privacy policy explain exactly what will be done with your address? The most considerate companies also post an anti-spam policy written in plain English, so you can be absolutely sure of what you're getting into.

---------------------------------- THINK YOU'RE NOT A SPAMMER? BE SURE. ----------------------------------

Many a first-time marketer has inadvertently spammed his audience. The first several hundred complaints and some nasty phone messages usually stop him in his tracks. But by then,repparttar 132811 spammer may be faced with cleanup bills from his ISP, and a bad reputation that it's not easy to overcome.

The best way to avoid this situation is to have a clear understanding of what spam is: If anyone who receives your mass e-mails did not specifically ask to hear from you, then you are spamming them.

Stick with your gut. Don't buy a million addresses for $10, no matter how muchrepparttar 132812 seller swears by them! If something sounds fishy, just say no. You'll save yourself a lot inrepparttar 132813 end.

---------------------------------- THE FINAL BLOW ----------------------------------

The online world is turningrepparttar 132814 tide on spam. Inrepparttar 132815 end, people will stop sending spam because it stops working. Do your part: never buy from a spammer. When your business seeks out technology companies with which to work, only choose those with a staunch anti-spam stance.

Spam has a long history in bothrepparttar 132816 food and e-mail sectors. This year, Hormel Foods opened a real-world museum dedicated to SPAM. Whilerepparttar 132817 museum does featurerepparttar 132818 Monty Python SPAM Skit, there's no word yet on an unsolicited commercial e-mail exhibit. But, if all upstanding netizens work together, Hormel's ham in a can will far outliverepparttar 132819 Internet plague that is UCE.

Beka Ruse fights spam as the Business Development Manager at AWeber Communications. Ad tracking, live stats, and a strict anti-spam policy: Automated E-Mail Follow Up, From AWeber.

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