SPAM: Are you taking the Asterisk*?

Written by Michael Hopkins

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1. Download and install Eudora email software from (it's FR*E!).

2. Download and install Spamnix from (the FR*E version is fine).

3. Set up one of your existing email accounts in Eudora or create a new one especially forrepparttar purposes of testing your mails.

4. Every time you have an email ready to send to your opt-in subscribers, send a test copy to your email account in Eudora first. Spamnix will examinerepparttar 132712 mail and, if it looks like SP*M, it will filter it into a special folder it creates to handle this kind of thing. Spamnix will also tag a report on torepparttar 132713 bottom ofrepparttar 132714 message that shows you exactly what's wrong with your email to earn it such a poor reputation.

Now, all you have to do is tweak your message according torepparttar 132715 Spamnix report and try again. Keep doing this until Spamnix no longer considers you a dirty rotten SP*MMER.

Because Spamnix usesrepparttar 132716 same criteria as just about every other SP*M blocking software, you can now be quite certain that your email will reach its intended recipients.

So, don't let those SP*MMERS drive you out of business. Take action today to ensure that their dodgy business practices are not costing you dearly.

And with that I've got to sign off... I've just received a H*T offer on how to make L*ADS of M*NEY selling VI*GRA to people with M*RTGAGES who W*RK from H*ME to pay off their CR*DIT C*RD B*LLS!

Or something.

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How to Protect your PC from Atrocious Spyware in the Cyber Age.

Written by George Papazoglou

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Hint: Some even sell your information to telemarketers, or bulk e-mail marketing companies.

The question is... arerepparttar gigantic companies selling "anti-virus solutions", a part of this greedy industry?

Two ofrepparttar 132710 best "Spyware Scanners" you must-have to protect your computer and identity from prying Spyware.

Spyware Removal Tools

No Adware : Stops privacy invaders like Gator, Kazaa or Adware and PC cluttering pop-ups.

X-Block Probablyrepparttar 132711 most powerful tool to automatically tracking, cleaning and informing you about malicious spyware, Trojans and Privacy-intruding programs.

Scan your Computer now for free. Openrepparttar 132712 program here and then opt to choose "RUN" instead of downloading it. You will be probably shocked to see how your Computer's system is infected with several spyware programs.


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