Written by P J Chandler

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So what can you do to carve out your niche onrepparttar web without expending huge amounts of time or money?

1. Focus your site on a tightly-defined subject area: don't try to be all things to all surfers (unless you run Yahoo!).

2. Use relevant keywords: you will not get more traffic by slipping words like 'sex' or 'money' into your keyword list unlessrepparttar 125059 rest of your site really does deal with these subjects.

3. Provide worthwhile content: give your visitors something to read that will grab their attention and make them want to buy - or at least call back.

4. Do some homework: read up on how to promote your site creatively using free and low-cost methods.

5. Take action: allocate some time every week to publicising your web presence.

6. Don't stop advertising in paper media: if it worked before, chances are it will go on working. Seeing your URL on paper helps people remember it and adds to your business credibility - and it may berepparttar 125060 only way they get to see your wonderful web site!

Much has been written about web site promotion, but how many site owners actually takerepparttar 125061 time to do evenrepparttar 125062 basic search engine submissions, let alone any serious promotion? Unless you allocate some time to tellingrepparttar 125063 world about your site, what it does and why people should visit, you can be sure of one thing: they won't!

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P J Chandler writes about online marketing and other topics. His web site, with excellent web site promotion, submission and marketing resources is at

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How to Get FREE Major Search Engine/Directory Listings

Written by Edward Gause

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[NOTE: YaHoo lists results AFTER listing pages in its own directory first. You can do a search for your site without viewing all their results by searchingrepparttar "Web Page" category.]

Before submitting to ODP, be sure and readrepparttar 125058 instructions to make sure your web page meets their criteria.

To submit your site torepparttar 125059 ODP, follow this link:

Next, submit your site to Lycos. By adding your site here, you also get a free listing on HotBot.

To submit your site to Lycos, follow this link:

Another popular search engine is AllTheWeb,repparttar 125060 world's largest search engine. This search engine also usesrepparttar 125061 ODP for search results.

To get listed on AllTheWeb:

And finally, to get listed on AltaVista follow this link:

There you have it? Wait about 4-6 weeks and do a search onrepparttar 125062 key words you chose and you should find your site listed somewhere on each ofrepparttar 125063 above search engines/directories.

I did this sometime ago for my site with my primary keywords being "internet marketing tips" and here arerepparttar 125064 results:

AllTheWeb: #13 AltaVista: #5 AOLSearch: #5 Excite: #3 Google: #6 HotBot: #4 Lycos: #13 ODP: #29 WebCrawler: #3 YaHoo: #6 (After their web site matches)

Edward Gause is webmaster of the Cynted Internet Marketing Center and publisher of the Cynted Chronicle, a bi-weekly ezine targeting the interests of novice netmarketers. To subscribe by email or visit

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