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4. Prioritize It. Your To Do list will have crucial and not crucial items on it. Despiterepparttar fact most people want to be productive, when givenrepparttar 102103 choice between crucial and not crucial items, we will most often end up doingrepparttar 102104 not crucial items. They are generally easier and quicker than crucial items. Prioritize your To Do list each night. Putrepparttar 102105 #1 next torepparttar 102106 most important item on your list. Placerepparttar 102107 #2 next torepparttar 102108 second most important item on your list, etc. Then tacklerepparttar 102109 items on your list in order of their importance. You may not get everything done on your list, but you will getrepparttar 102110 most important things done. This is working smarter, not harder, and getting more done in less time.

5. Control Procrastination. The most effective planning inrepparttar 102111 world does not substitute for doing what needs to be done. We procrastinate and put off important things because we don't sense enough pain for not doing it or enough pleasure to do it. To get going on something you have been putting off, create in your mind enough pain for not doing it or enough pleasure to do it. I preferrepparttar 102112 pleasure approach. Take a procrastinated project and turn it into to a game. Work with one thing in front of you at a time so other things won't distract you. ("Out of sight, out of mind.") Break it down to little bite-sized, manageable pieces. Get it started, takerepparttar 102113 first step and you will likely continue it to completion.

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There's an old story about a speaker who walked up torepparttar podium and said "SEX" in a loud voice. After a long pause, he continued, "Now that I have your attention, let's get on withrepparttar 102102 annual budget report." While this approach will probably wake an audience up, it does nothing to get them ready forrepparttar 102103 rest ofrepparttar 102104 speech. In fact, doing this kind of thing will probably turnrepparttar 102105 important part of your talk into one big letdown.

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