Written by Craig Lock

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Waffle less (I love 'em), yourself!

17. Respond less formally, but with more speed, eg. a hand-written compliments slip rather than a typed letter.

18. Make time for yourself to relax; because this recharges repparttar batteries.

19. Delegate for success. Ask yourselfrepparttar 101954 question: Is this only something I can do? If not, to whom canrepparttar 101955 work be appropriately assigned? Is this person prepared now, or does he/she need further instruction to completerepparttar 101956 task efficiently?

20. Provide clear and realistic expectations. Keep onlyrepparttar 101957 paper you need on your desk (if you are lucky enough to have a desk, that is!). Clear out irrevelant files. A tidy mind is an effective mind, but tidy desks are really rarely creative. Thank goodness I have an excuse then!

21. Communicate clearly to your sub-ordinates and co-workers. Hard if you are atrepparttar 101958 bottom ofrepparttar 101959 barrel, like me! Get messages across clearlyrepparttar 101960 first time.

22. Set aside time to mentally regroup, to think and to plan. Very important. Review progress regularly to see which plans are working and which ones aren't. Work with individual players and set aside time for individuals. Remember everyone is a unique individual with their own needs.

22. Have direction. Believe in yourself and what you are trying to accomplish. Review your skills periodically and pat yourself on repparttar 101961 back with your progress to date.

Finally (and most importantly),

23. Take care of yourself and BE HAPPY.

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9 Ways To Develop Confidence In New Situations

Written by Maria Marsala

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~Carry a nametag in your glove compartment. Make one for personal use, another for business use. Then people will feel more comfortable walking up to you in meetings.

~Put your notes onrepparttar back of duplicates of pictures (photography) you've taken. Then they won't stick out so much fromrepparttar 101953 podium (like white paper or index cards do.)

~Practice some opening lines and your handshake before you attendrepparttar 101954 event. Practice using a mirror and ask your family to let you practice on them, too.

~Develop two a 30-second commercials (also called elevator speeches, USP - unique selling propositions). One is for personal use, andrepparttar 101955 other would be for business use. On a recent telelclass I attended, provided by Jay Levinson of Guerilla Marketing fame, suggested creating a 7 word commercial, too.

~Remember that everyone in that room is a human being, too. Everyone has their own fears to deal with... and they might even berepparttar 101956 same as yours.

~Find other ways to build your confidence, too. Email merepparttar 101957 ones that work for you.

Maria Marsala is an internationally known coach, author, and speaker. A former Wall Street trader and manager, she is the author of the ebook Thinking of Starting a Business... Let's Talk About What's Next. Subscribe to her free ezine "Helping You and Your Business Grow" at

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