Written by Craig Lock

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21. Offer your articles by autoresponder

22. Conclude with a strong message. Your final point (and paragraph) should be a message that summarises your article or gets your reader to take further action, like "GET STARTED" (as I've done in this article). 23. Finally, make sure your layout is good (not one of my strong points!), as this greatly enhances your prospects of getting published Use a spell-check. Go over your article carefully and be an editor yourself.

24. Make sure your article flows properly.

25. Re-read and re-read, until you get it "just right." "Aim for perfection, but settle for excellence" in your article writing. SUMMARY:

The internet is such an amazing medium for communication and SHARING information. I've just submitted this article and it's been published almost instaneously (big word!) in a few places. So YOU TOO can write articles on yourchosen subject in your internet marketing efforts. MORE TRAFFIC = INCREASED SALES

Writers and internet marketers - Grab this moment in history well. "Carpe diem" (seizerepparttar moment!).

Why not start writing articles forrepparttar 129508 www inrepparttar 129509 second half ofrepparttar 129510 year in 2002?


Craig is a writer, who believes in encouraging and helping others to find their talents and gifts, strive for and achieve their dreams in life, whatever they may be. He truly believes people can overcome obstacles, rise to any occasion and accomplish their entire dream with enough faith and commitment. Craig's various books are available at: and

Know your Audience Before you Write your Book or Web Site

Written by Judy Cullins

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Who is your particular audience? Make sure you know them, inside and out.

How old are they? Male? Female? Age? Baby boomers? Seniors? Entrepreneurial? Corporate? Are they middle or upper class? What kind of work do they do? What is their income? What do they spend discretionary time and money on? Where do they live? What books and magazines do they read? What different attitudes do these reflect?

What are their interests, hobbies, and values? What challenges do they face that they want answers to? Are they business people, retired people, over 50? What magazines do they read? What radio shows do they listen to? What TV programs do they watch? What do they do with their free time? What events do they attend?

What organizations do they belong to? What causes do they support? Are they Internet savvy? What kinds of sites do they visit? How many of them are out there to sell to? What do they want? Need?

Go to your library or userepparttar Internet to research just who and how many people belong to your audience. Ask forrepparttar 129507 reference books that have census and other information. All agents and publishers will want this information from you. And your Web site must target its promotion aimed at your particular audience. The more narrowrepparttar 129508 target,repparttar 129509 easier it is to sell.

Even if you publish a book or create your Web site yourself, do some market research. My research helps my clients who write books or have Web sites that sell similar products and services as mine: 45 million readers read new age books, 70 million baby boomers and 60 million seniors are out there. They buy online, too.

So go ahead and create your audience profile. Keep it in a file so you can add more qualities when you think of them.

Discover why you are your audiences' best choice and tell them!

Perhaps you are like me and don't feel competitive. Yet, you need to let your audiences know why you are different and better. How are you or your product unique?

When you know your audience, you'll be able to write compelling copy that pulls your visitors to buy your product or service.

Judy Cullins: author, publisher, book coach Helps professionals manifest their book dreams Special Offer: "Discounts of the Month" Teleclass "Quadruple Your Web Sales in 4 Months" Send an email to and Receive 2 free special reports with The Book Coach Says... Email: Ph./Fax: 619/466/0622

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