Written by Maureen Metcalf

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What sin unleased is notrepparttar anger of a God who chooses to bring about punitive measures against innocent victims. Rather, natural disasters arerepparttar 110081 on-going evidence of a cursed world. In this world both righteous and unrighteous, young and old, innocent and criminal, fall under this curse that fell uponrepparttar 110082 earth. God does not sit in Heaven and decide to zap areas ofrepparttar 110083 planet out of a vendetta against humanity. Rather, as inrepparttar 110084 case of this recent disaster, mankind has again come face to face withrepparttar 110085 reality ofrepparttar 110086 curse portrayed through unbalanced natural phenomena. But God did not instituterepparttar 110087 curse upon all creation and simply leave it to wreak its devastation willi-nilly.

What is truly amazing isrepparttar 110088 fact that in God's prophetic program to deal withrepparttar 110089 sin of mankind, He has provided a plan of salvation which will bring those who truly repent into perfect communion with Himself, and ultimately, He will restore evenrepparttar 110090 natural elements of "Paradise Lost." The curse will eventually be removed. But He also must allowrepparttar 110091 course of nature to totally unfold until all His prophetic word is complete. Why? Could He not just reverserepparttar 110092 curse? Yes. But He must also give mankindrepparttar 110093 chance to choose to repent. Imperfection, death, and flawed nature, came about as a consequence of man's choice. But mankind has been offered, through Jesus Christ,repparttar 110094 opportunity to choose to be restored to fellowship with God. Otherwise, God would indeed be unjust, and mankind would be relegated torepparttar 110095 role of robotic pawns to be manipulated at will, and man could accuse Him of being a tyrant.

The righteous and innocent have nothing to fear from natural phenomena such asrepparttar 110096 recent earthquake and tsunamis, because this earthly life is not all there is. Mankind is an eternal being. Natural physical death is notrepparttar 110097 end. It isrepparttar 110098 unrighteous who have reason to fear, because they too are eternal, but face perpetual separation from God --repparttar 110099 Second Death inrepparttar 110100 Lake of Fire. Therefore, natural disasters remind each if us ofrepparttar 110101 fact that our personal eternal destiny is of paramount importance, and that each person will one day stand beforerepparttar 110102 Righteous Judge. Jesus Christ, through His shed blood atonement onrepparttar 110103 cross, has made provision forrepparttar 110104 curse of sin and death to be lifted. Each then has a choice to either accept or reject His provision. This world will come out from underrepparttar 110105 curse, but meanwhilerepparttar 110106 course of fallen nature will continue until all is fulfilled. Is God an angry, despotic, unforgiving God? No! In spite of, and inrepparttar 110107 midst of disaster, He has offered mercy and deliverance, not just forrepparttar 110108 natural existence of this life, but more importantly, for eternity!

"For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive." I Corinthians 15:22.

"For we know thatrepparttar 110109 whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now, And not only they, but ourselves also, which haverepparttar 110110 first fruits ofrepparttar 110111 Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting forrepparttar 110112 adoption, to wit,repparttar 110113 redemption of our body." Romans 8:22,23.

The eternal destinies of those who lost their lives must be left in God's hands, because He alone isrepparttar 110114 Righteous, yet merciful, Judge. Did God turn a blind eye torepparttar 110115 disaster? No!! Rather, He knows each victim by name, and His love and mercy are extended and exemplified through those who administer relief and aid.

So, can we blame God for this recent natural disaster? Dare we ascribe either evil intent or abject indifference torepparttar 110116 character of Almighty God? Absolutely not! To do so is to cloud our understanding of who He is, and of His great love and mercy, and His desire to reconcile man and all creation to Himself.

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Maureen Metcalf is author of "The Final Schedule Revealed: In the Fall Feasts and Festivals"

Wind Farms and Corruption

Written by Doctor Edward C Hamlyn MBChB

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Britain as a nation, public and private, is hopelessly in debt, and those debts get bigger and bigger as we borrow more new money to payrepparttar interest. This creates a dire shortage of money. The money to build allrepparttar 110080 wind turbines does not exist and new money will be borrowed into existence to footrepparttar 110081 bill. Those who create vast fortunes for themselves by selling credit as money, will have an irresistible motivation to bribe Mike into twisting logic.

The Press has a proud duty to understand all this and make sure all its readers share that understanding.

The result can then be thatrepparttar 110082 correct and easy way to prevent global warming can be made known. It will not involve corruption.

Dr Hamlyn is a founding member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, a veteran of WW II, retired farmer and practicing medical doctor. He is a prolific and articulate voice on the subject of monetary reform.

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