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ofrepparttar publisher. The one below would accept 300 to 500 words.....I choose to stick torepparttar 129630 lower denominator, making it easy for them to cut and paste. If your article is a long piece then edit it down to a size between 300 and 500 words. By doing this you will give yourselfrepparttar 129631 greatest chance of being published and what is more important... being read. TIP #4 Keep your work to 60-65 characters wide and use subheadings to capture people's attention. TIP #5 Make sure you spellcheck your work before you send it out. TIP #6 Include your website address or at least providerepparttar 129632 opportunity for people to subscribe to your ezine.

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10 Tips For Writing A Winning Resume

Written by Shaun Fawcett

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6. Show What You Can Do Today

Focus, first and foremost, on your recent experience that is most relevant torepparttar position at hand. Less relevant and/or dated experience should be either eliminated or summarized in brief point form nearrepparttar 129629 end of your resume. When reviewing your resume information, a prospective employer wants to know what you are doing now, what you have done recently, and how that relates torepparttar 129630 job requirements ofrepparttar 129631 post they are trying to fill.

7. Be A Straight-Shooter

Be completely honest. When people lie or "creatively exaggerate" on their resume, they are almost invariably exposed, sooner or later. Think about it - who really wants to get a job based on a lie(s) and then have to live in fear of eventually being found out? We often read inrepparttar 129632 newspaper about high-profile folks who get caught in a resume falsehood or exaggeration, and it isn't very pretty.

8. Follow The Instructions

Submit your resume in exactlyrepparttar 129633 form thatrepparttar 129634 prospective employer requests. If they say e-mail or fax is okay, do it that way. However, if they ask for it by regular mail, send itrepparttar 129635 way they ask. They must have reasons for requesting it in such a form and they are geared up to process it that way. If your resume is to be sent by snail mail, userepparttar 129636 complete address that they specify, or it could go torepparttar 129637 wrong office, especially in a large organization.

9. Don't Get Lost In The Mail

Be careful to respect certain conventions thatrepparttar 129638 potential employer may require in your resume. For example, make sure thatrepparttar 129639 cover letter mentionsrepparttar 129640 exact name ofrepparttar 129641 specific position you are applying for, andrepparttar 129642 competition number, if applicable. Sometimes an employer will request thatrepparttar 129643 job title and/or number be printed onrepparttar 129644 outside ofrepparttar 129645 envelope. You would not want to miss out on a job because you didn't follow minor administrative requirements.

10. Keep The Cover Short and Focused

Inrepparttar 129646 cover letter, don't repeat what is already detailed inrepparttar 129647 body ofrepparttar 129648 attached resume. It is a "cover" letter. It should be short and torepparttar 129649 point. Introduce yourself first, and then briefly summarize why you believe that you haverepparttar 129650 qualifications and experience to fulfillrepparttar 129651 duties ofrepparttar 129652 position better than anyone else. Express enthusiasm aboutrepparttar 129653 job andrepparttar 129654 company. Close by stating how you are looking forward to hearing more from them soon, and that you will follow-up if necessary.

The above list can be used as a "checklist" both duringrepparttar 129655 preparation phase, and when reviewing your resume just before submission.

To see a fully-formatted "real-life template" of a resume, click onrepparttar 129656 following link:

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