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•Scratch Off Cards are a fun, unique way of announcing your wedding date. Your date will only be visible to guests after they have scratched offrepparttar appropriate area onrepparttar 121997 card similar to lottery tickets. They come in great playful designs sure to make your guests smile.

•Announcement cards can be as creative or as simple as you like. They come in varying designs, colors and themes from whimsical to more traditional. Some of them even come in creative shapes.

All designs are printed with your wedding date and names and some even giverepparttar 121998 option of includingrepparttar 121999 wedding location. Blank white mailing envelopes are usually included inrepparttar 122000 price no matter which design you choose. Be sure to list atrepparttar 122001 bottom of your Saverepparttar 122002 Daterepparttar 122003 added line, “invitation to follow”, so guests won’t assume that this isrepparttar 122004 actual wedding invitation. This is also why it’s imperative that everyone who receives your Saverepparttar 122005 Date will also receive your wedding invitation.

Wedding invitations play an important role in planning your wedding, and in today’s society, Saverepparttar 122006 Dates are becoming increasingly popular because of your guests’ busy schedules. You want to do everything you can to make sure family and friends will be able to share inrepparttar 122007 joy of your wedding day.

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10 Common Wedding Reception Mistakes

Written by Matt Campbell

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Don’t have one particular type of music. There are many different types of people inrepparttar world. And yes, they include your family and friends. For example,repparttar 105652 bride and groom may love country music. It doesn’t mean you have to play country musicrepparttar 105653 whole night. There is a lot of celebration music besides what you like.

Startrepparttar 105654 food line or meal as soon as possible. Guests plan their meal timesrepparttar 105655 day of your wedding around your reception. Guest will not eat a big meal before your wedding because they know they will be eating at your reception. Don’t starve them.

Know what it will cost you ifrepparttar 105656 reception goes into overtime. Askrepparttar 105657 reception facility exactly how long you haverepparttar 105658 hall to rent and what time you must be out. Please allow time for cleanup if you arerepparttar 105659 ones doing it. What isrepparttar 105660 overtime charge forrepparttar 105661 facility, music entertainment, photography, etc?

Greet and say hello to all your guests. Finally and most importantly, greet all your guests. Make an effort to have a conversation with each and every person. They are there to celebrate your marriage. Give themrepparttar 105662 common courtesy of thanking them for coming to your wedding.

Don’t get drunk and obnoxious. Keep in mindrepparttar 105663 only time brides and grooms eat duringrepparttar 105664 wedding day rituals are atrepparttar 105665 wedding reception. There’s not much food in your stomach and alcohol will affect you much faster. Try and eat throughoutrepparttar 105666 day and watch how much you drink. You want your guests to remember how beautifulrepparttar 105667 bride looked, not how you acted.

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