SEO vs. Content creation

Written by Ron Pastore

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ton of traffic from unique search terms because there are so many words, and so many more combinations of words that can potentially bring people to your site. And in most cases it's those people who do those very narrow searches with odd word combinations are actually are looking forrepparttar exact information on your page, so you have a better sales rate. But by all means, optimization is very key, i constantly tweakrepparttar 127863 structure of my site to make more sense, as well as do everything i can to build back links. A steady flow inrepparttar 127864 increase of overall web presence is a very huge factor, and doesn't look like it's going anywhere anytime soon. But after studyingrepparttar 127865 trends for a few years, i've come to realize that my time spent might be better off making sure i continually write quality content because that's what people are looking for, andrepparttar 127866 one thing that will never change about google is that goal to help people find exactly what they are looking for.

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SEO Boging for Pagerank

Written by James Anderson

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The ethicle method is creating a blog that contains useful information to it's readers. Ifrepparttar blog is good enough other webmasters will link to it purely for it's content, creating strong one way links. One way links give a higher amounts of weight thanrepparttar 127862 over popularised recipracle linking stratergy. Combine this with a link from your blog to main site on each page and you can see why it is called "bloging for PR". It doesn't end there, creating a good blog will also keep surfers coming back day after day to read any new content you have posted.

Blogs are fast becoming my favourite way of genarating traffic and if used inrepparttar 127863 correct manner should be able to boost any sites traffic levels.

James Anderson is an SEO Consultant for Podium Solutions Limited Internet Consultancy

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