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Written by Joe Duchesne

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How do frames prevent high rankings?

If you go to any web site that has frames, right click anywhere onrepparttar page, and choose 'view source', you'll notice thatrepparttar 143675 HTML that comes up has nothing to do withrepparttar 143676 text onrepparttar 143677 page. The main frameset usually callsrepparttar 143678 other frames for content and doesn't contain much relevant content on its own. At best, this hurtsrepparttar 143679 importance placed on your target keywords (known as keyword prominence) and at worst, it prevents your real text from even being seen byrepparttar 143680 search engine. Either way, these effects are undesirable.

"I have to use frames, is there no hope?"

If you have to use frames, you will want to make sure that your main frameset page is optimized for your target keywords. Make sure it has a relevant title, meta keyword and meta description and that is contains at least a little text onrepparttar 143681 topic ofrepparttar 143682 keyword.

Avoid frames at all cost

The disadvantages of using frames for your web site greatly outweigh any perceived advantage for easier navigation or any desired design effect. I would recommend that you avoid using frames at all costs.

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Local results provided by search engines point customers in the right direction

Written by Alyssa Duvall

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More and more people are turning to search engines and online yellow pages to search for local companies. A website allows for business owners to provide more information about their products and services than a full-page ad ever could.

An important update to make for your site is adding your physical address to your site pages, inrepparttar footer perhaps. This will ensure thatrepparttar 143637 search engine's indexing spider or bot pick uprepparttar 143638 address for inclusion inrepparttar 143639 search engine. Search engine optimization (SEO) is also important so that not only is your address being pulled for inclusion in local results, but your site is found forrepparttar 143640 correct terms that describe your business. SEO can be performed on an existing site or as part ofrepparttar 143641 development of a site. Local Search Engine Optimization

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