SEO Copywriting Makeover: Good Rankings but No Sales Part 1 of 2

Written by Karon Thackston

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In order to turnrepparttar home page around,repparttar 108021 salesman ofrepparttar 108022 site (a.k.a.repparttar 108023 words) needed to speak torepparttar 108024 visitors in their own language. It needed to show them what can happen to those who have no security system and then offer a way to prevent those tragedies. The copy had to give assurances and build trust while atrepparttar 108025 same time helping visitors to stop procrastinating and make a move now.

While current rankings were good, there was still room for improvement. For search engine purposes,repparttar 108026 copy needed to offer better support forrepparttar 108027 chosen keyphrases. There were virtually no keyphrases inrepparttar 108028 original body copy and that had to be changed.

The Solutions

The biggest part ofrepparttar 108029 solution for Top Security was to develop copy forrepparttar 108030 home page… period. The copy onrepparttar 108031 original site was minimal, was company-focused instead of customer-focused, and needed to do a better job of addressingrepparttar 108032 needs ofrepparttar 108033 site visitors and search engines.

The new copy had to set a tone of trust and community since Top Security dealt only with local Florida residents. In fact, I pulled out allrepparttar 108034 benefits small, local companies can offer their customers in order to play up Top Security inrepparttar 108035 new copy.

Atrepparttar 108036 same time, I wanted to weaverepparttar 108037 client's keyphrases intorepparttar 108038 text without making them stand out. The goal was to have a home page that read as naturally as possible to humans while givingrepparttar 108039 spiders and bots what they needed in order to boost Top Security's rankings.

In Part 2 of this article, I'll show you how I implementedrepparttar 108040 changes in order to improve conversions and whatrepparttar 108041 results were.

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Creating Messages That Get Optimum Results

Written by David Masachke

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Remember that most consumers, even if they swear otherwise, purchase products that they desire, and not products they need. Self-gratification and self-improvement always lay behindrepparttar buying impulse.

Offer Useful Content First

Are you giving your subscribers useful information? You need to win them over first with lots of high quality, free content before you begin making offers. Your sales pitches should be periodic in nature.

It's a really bad idea to flood your list with offers every single day of repparttar 108020 week. If you want, you can bury an affiliate link or two in each newsletter as long as it points to a useful resource inrepparttar 108021 context of your content. Just go easy onrepparttar 108022 special offers, though.

The best way to prime your subscribers is through scarcity. Your offers should be something subscribers look forward to receiving, rather than something easily predictable.

Calls to Action

When you do finally send an offer to your list, don't be shy about letting your subscribers know what action you want them to take. If you want them to buy a product, sign up for a membership, visit a site, etc..then offer themrepparttar 108023 link and tell them to go for it.

Sprinkle your link several times throughoutrepparttar 108024 copy for maximum effectiveness.

Dave Maschke is the owner of multiple websites, and lives in Ohio with his wife and daughter

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