SEO Content Distribution Linking For Newbies

Written by Joel Walsh

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Myth 4: Distributing content is easy. Just hit "send."

Reality: Content distribution campaign requires skillful planning to target publisher websites effectively.

This is essentially a four-step process.

1. You must identifyrepparttar categories of websites most likely to republish your articles. These categories range fromrepparttar 149749 very broad, such as internet, business, and family, and can go as narrow as family-friendly internet businesses.

It's a careful balance: you need to make your target category narrowly relevant to maximizerepparttar 149750 value ofrepparttar 149751 link and your chances of getting your article accepted for publication. But if you target too narrow a category, you'll lowerrepparttar 149752 maximum number of links you can hope to get.

For instance, a website on web content writing has to target its content distribution to more than just sites focusing on web content. There are only so many websites devoted to web content as a topic of interest, and besides, many such websites would be competitors. Distribution should target broadly relevant categories, such as web design, webmaster issues, writing, marketing, business, website promotion, and SEO. Yet some broadly related categories, such as internet or publishing, are not relevant enough to yield good results.

2. To maximize success, you must have articles custom-created for each major category you want to submit to. "Incorporating Content in Web Design" and "Marketing with Content" would be possible titles for a web content-writing website owner targeting web design and marketing websites, respectively. An article about web design won't appeal as strongly to marketers, or vice versa, so simply submitting to websites having to do with "the web" would not be as effective.

3. For maximum success, articles custom-written for a category then often have to be refined for sub-categories. For instance, "Incorporating Content in Web Design" becomes "Incorporating Content into Flash Web Design," or "Incorporating Content into Accessible Web Design." Sometimesrepparttar 149753 refinement is just a "find and replace" of one keyword for another, sometimes just inrepparttar 149754 title. Sometimes, entire paragraphs have to reworded or removed.

4. Once you've identified sub-categories of websites, you still have to be able to meetrepparttar 149755 requirements of individual websites. Some sites only publish articles up to 500 words, some only do how-to articles. Owners of high-ranking websites can afford to be choosey. To really maximize results within a sub-category, you need at least three different articles of varying lengths and focus specifically geared toward that sub-category.

Inrepparttar 149756 end, distributing content for website promotion and inbound links is a marvelously effective way of promoting a website. But it's not magic beans. Like anything else having to do with achieving success onrepparttar 149757 web, it takes hard work and knowledge to be successful.

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Subconsciously command Your Readers To Buy

Written by Jaz Lai

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6. The more you keep reading our adrepparttar more you feel it would be a waste to let this opportunity slip by.

7. The more you review our adrepparttar 149719 more you begin to find yourself getting very excited about our product and starting to feelrepparttar 149720 urge to buy now.

8. You don't know it yet but, atrepparttar 149721 conclusion of this ad, you will feel driven to order and experience allrepparttar 149722 benefits of our product.

9. You don't realize it yet but, in a few short minutes you'll realize that you can't put off this vital purchase and then you'll be yanking out your credit card.

10. As every word you read travels from this ad to your brain, you start to understand just how much our product could benefit your life.

As you're reading these "Mind Tricks", do you see how you can remotely influence your reader to buy whatever you're selling?

All you have to do is 'tweak' them a little to suit whatever you're selling, and you'll be a sales powerhouse.

Jaz Lai is an Online Business Entrepreneur. He recently twisted the arms of 2 well-known internet marketers to share with you their secrets on ‘How Little Guys can level the playing field and complete with the Big Guys” Want to know more effective ways to build your customer list, click here

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