SEO Case Study: Attorneys Chasing Vioxx Organic Search Ranking

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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The real test comes now for organic search engine optimization firms as they set out to gain top rankings for their class action attorney clients. Interestingly, I've just finished readingrepparttar John Grisham novel, "King of Torts", about a young "mass torts" attorney that made over an hundred million dollars by beingrepparttar 128105 first to run nationwide television ads seeking clients injured by a faulty drug manufactured by a giant pharmaceutical company. Althoughrepparttar 128106 protaganist inrepparttar 128107 story has a web site to collect leads, nothing is mentioned of PPC advertising nor is it likely to be discussed in novels.

In "King of Torts" nothing is ever mentioned about organic search engine ranking of his web site either. Settlement seems to have come faster than would be possible to gain top rankings for a highly competitive search phrase. It will be extremely interesting to watch domain name sales related to Vioxx, since keywords in domain names always help rankings. Some that are showing up in PPC ads includerepparttar 128108 previously mentioned,, and

As of October 4th, 2004repparttar 128109 only NON-news related site inrepparttar 128110 top organic results at Google that are NOT online pharmacies, government agency sites, NIH (National Institutes of Health) or an information site is a site that emphasizes giant class action lawsuits at which has a PageRank of 5 as of October 4th at 5pm Pacific time.

The final ranked site of top 30 forrepparttar 128111 single word "Vioxx" at Google isrepparttar 128112 legal information site Findlaw in their class action section at which asks your zip code on first visit and must use IP delivery for robots visitingrepparttar 128113 first time since there is nothing on that page about Vioxx if you've never visitedrepparttar 128114 page before.

Now we will see what techniques are used by Search Engine Optimization firms that hurriedly post sites full of links to gain search position forrepparttar 128115 word Vioxx in order to sell more links to those agressive law firms and attorneys (and they'll run expensive click-through Google Adsense ads).

Without doubt,repparttar 128116 most SEO savvy attorneys will compete at a fever pitch for top rankings overrepparttar 128117 next few weeks.

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Link Exchange Blues

Written by Usiere Uko

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The temptation is great to jump torepparttar top of search engine rankings a few days after opening day. If you cut corners to get torepparttar 128104 top, your site will be amongrepparttar 128105 first to be axed when major search engines like Google tweak their algorithms, which they do often. You will appear on page one for a season, and when you come back, you are offrepparttar 128106 radar. You've had your 15 minutes of fame. If you are a marathoner, you will gorepparttar 128107 distance.

Getting quality and important inbound links to your site takes a lot of patience and perseverance. Take it one step at a time, one day at a time, and keep at it, even whenrepparttar 128108 results are not obvious. Before long, you will show up atrepparttar 128109 top. The big sites that throw their weight around for practically every word that appears on their site have been around for a while. Some of them even have link managers; a fella whose sole job is to source for links and manage their link pages. If you are a small guy, you may not beat them at linking, but if you have a high quality unique content site, when content counts, you will overtakerepparttar 128110 big boys.

So, donít go about requesting for link exchanges from every Tom, Dick and Harry. Researchrepparttar 128111 site you want to approach. Determine if it has unique quality content that complements your site, and is useful to your audience. Take it step-by-step, day-by-day. Before long, your link pages will overflow to page two etc, and sometime soon, you will appear where it matters for valuable keywords that will bring targeted traffic to your site and boost your conversion ratio. And when you get torepparttar 128112 top, you will remain there if you do not relent in your efforts. You will not suffer a stroke when Google and Co. tweaks their algorithms. Slow and steady winsrepparttar 128113 race.

Another fact webmasters often overlook is that if you have a high quality site, other webmasters will link to you, sometimes without asking for a reciprocal link. I have seen some strange links to my site in my traffic logs, from sites I never requested for a link from. If you arerepparttar 128114 best in your field,repparttar 128115 world will make a beaten path to your door. That saying holds true also for linking. As a matter of fact, visitors to your site may feel so inspired by your site that they suggest your site to other sites and directories without your knowledge. They go beyond "tell-a-friend". They tell other sites about you. People are tired of low/zero content affiliate sites that litterrepparttar 128116 web and jump at you as pop ups, pop unders, pop sideways and pop overs etc. They pop at you, and before you know what has hit you, you have two or more new windows open in your browser. Some are funkier. They slide like ice skaters into your view from all directions. After getting mauled by popping sites, a high quality site with unique content is like a breadth of fresh air.

So as you go about scouting for links, stop for a moment and take a second look at your site. Go outrepparttar 128117 door and come in as a visitor. Is your siterepparttar 128118 type of site people will willingly link to if Google and Co. does not care a hoot about links? Is linking to you a pleasure or out of obligation?

Are you here forrepparttar 128119 long haul? Then get offrepparttar 128120 100 meters dash and get to work. Easy comes, easy goes. There is no easy road torepparttar 128121 top.

Best wishes in your linking campaign.

Usiere Uko is the webmaster of Financial Freedom Inspiration and editor of the free monthly Financial Freedom Inspiration Newsletter featuring articles to inspire you to exit the rat race and fulfill your God given dreams and purpose. Visit the site or subscribe to the newsletter at Please feel free to re-publish this article provided author info and website url remains intact

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