SEO Boging for Pagerank

Written by James Anderson

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The ethicle method is creating a blog that contains useful information to it's readers. Ifrepparttar blog is good enough other webmasters will link to it purely for it's content, creating strong one way links. One way links give a higher amounts of weight thanrepparttar 127862 over popularised recipracle linking stratergy. Combine this with a link from your blog to main site on each page and you can see why it is called "bloging for PR". It doesn't end there, creating a good blog will also keep surfers coming back day after day to read any new content you have posted.

Blogs are fast becoming my favourite way of genarating traffic and if used inrepparttar 127863 correct manner should be able to boost any sites traffic levels.

James Anderson is an SEO Consultant for Podium Solutions Limited Internet Consultancy

Search Engine Optimization for Newbies

Written by Mario Sanchez

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2) They rely on links to your page from other web pages: This is understandable, since if search engines relied only on web page copy, it would be too easy to manipulate results. Outside inbound links from quality sites are difficult to get, and therefore carry significant weight. Regarding inbound links, two things are important:

a)repparttar quality and topic ofrepparttar 127861 page whererepparttar 127862 link originates should be relevant to your topic, and

b)repparttar 127863 words onrepparttar 127864 text used to link to you must contain your preferred keywords: if those links say "Dallas Web Design Company",repparttar 127865 search engines will conclude that you are a web design company based in Dallas (byrepparttar 127866 same token,repparttar 127867 words "click here" won't tell search engines anything about your site).

In a nutshell, findrepparttar 127868 right keywords, make your page copy relevant to those keywords, and get a lot of quality inbound links with your keywords inrepparttar 127869 link text, and you will be on your way to high search engine rankings.

For more tips on internet marketing and search engine optimization, you can visit my site at, read my article "Do-It-Yourself Search Engine Optimization" at or check outrepparttar 127870 SEOBook at

Mario Sanchez is a Miami based freelance writer who focuses on Internet marketing and web design topics. He publishes The Internet Digest ( ), a growing collection of web design and Internet marketing articles, tips and resources.

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