SEO - What You Should Not Do

Written by Endar WS

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3) Hidden texts. Hidden text is text that hasrepparttar same in color with web page's background and this is a part of spam. Many web masters use hidden texts technique to increase keyword density. Indeed, these texts is unreadable by human visitors but, spiders can recognize it.

4) Too much images/flashes. This is another mistakes of building web sites. Many web masters use images and animations in their web site to attract visitors. It does make their web sites dynamic but, search engines can not see even an image on their site. They don't realize that search engines are blind. If inserting an image become so important, use it's alt attribute so search engines robots can readrepparttar 141723 alternative texts. The alt attribute itself have to represent keywords you use.

5) Javascript Like animation, Javascript does make dynamic web site but, search engines cannot recognize it well. So it is need to be avoided.

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Secret To Increase Traffic From Banner Exchanges

Written by Ronald Vyhmeister

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When I have 20 people joining a banner exchange through my site and each one of them averages 100 hits a day - This is 2000 total hits or 200 banner impressions for me. That is extra hits I will get every day automatically. These referrals can begin to build over time until you are getting a whole lot more credits from your referrals than you are getting from your own website.

Now, multiply those banner viewings by joining 2, 3, or 4 banner exchanges and you can start gettingrepparttar picture. A year from now (I wouldn't say this is a get rich quick scheme) you can be getting thousands of hits daily from your own credits andrepparttar 141722 credits of those you have referred torepparttar 141723 banner exchanges.

Now let's get down torepparttar 141724 basics of which banner exchanges I recommend you join to start putting this plan into action on your website. As I said above, I am personally a member of 2 banner exchanges. I have joined and reviewed more of them, but I am most satisfied with these two exchanges: LinkBuddies and Relmax.


The first site I recommend you to join is LinkBuddies. For every member you refer to LinkBuddies, you will receive 20% of that member's credits for life! LinkBuddies also gives you 500 FREE impressions just for joining. Other features include a wizard-based banner creator and banner targeting. To join visit

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