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Written by J. Ratliff

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If you have not checked out this software, I highly reccomend it. Internet Business Promoter(IBP) for short. I use it everyday, not only for my websites, but also for any SEO work I do.

It does costs around $200, but it is worth every penny plus some.

Save money and do your own SEO work.

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Why should I use blogs and RSS feeds?

Written by Craig Desorcy

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Have you, like Anita, been frustrated atrepparttar lack of web traffic your site receives? Followrepparttar 131613 example of hugely successful sites like Yahoo!, CNET, ABC News, and Amazon. Get onrepparttar 131614 RSS feed band wagon and share inrepparttar 131615 success. Joinrepparttar 131616 masses of bloggers who are posting personal and professional blogs. Write your way to success. Don’t be left behind with an empty bank account, when you could be enjoying huge profits!

If this sounds too easy for such an intricately technological subject, that’s because there are people who have donerepparttar 131617 hard work for you. In fact, blogging and RSS feeds have been made simple for evenrepparttar 131618 most technologically challenged. Need proof? Go to You’ll discover a simple plan to incorporate blogging and RSS feeds into your marketing plan. You’ll discover a brand new marketing technique that will astound you withrepparttar 131619 increase in profit your website will net.

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