SEO: When Being Optimized Can Hurt

Written by Lisa Packer

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This hurts you in at least three ways:

1.You loserepparttar sale. So you don’t make any money. 2.She still visited, as did everyone else sucked in by your high placement. Depending on your hosting arrangement, you could be paying for more traffic. So you may actually lose money. 3.Most importantly, your prospect now has a negative impression of you. Even if you clean up your act she’s less likely to ever click on your link again. It’s called negative branding and, you guessed it: It causes you to lose money.

It also hasrepparttar 149187 potential of hurting you even more inrepparttar 149188 future, as search engine spiders are getting smarter every day. Not only do they eventually catch on if you mindlessly repeat phrases to trick them, they also notice if searchers are always coming back torepparttar 149189 results in a hurry because you weren’t what they were looking for. If that isrepparttar 149190 case, they won’t continue to recommend you so highly.

It takes more time and more effort to develop content that is both human and spider friendly. But not doing so can actually do you more harm than good.

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How To Make Your Ad Copy More Effective

Written by Ash Trivedi

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3. CHARITY – Tie in a percentage of your sales with one of your favorite charities. And make mention of this in your ad copy. This is a win-win strategy because your company gives back to society plus your clients read about it; it improves your image in their eyes and shares your concerns. And they give, too. Everyone helps each other.

4. GUARANTEE – Include a good, solid guarantee in your offer. For examples, look atrepparttar last thing you purchased and check outrepparttar 149186 guarantee. In a nutshell, make it a lifetime offer and / or give them back MORE than they gave you.

5. PS – Since most people look for this feature, add it! Say something in your P.S. – like give them a Bonus offer if they reply by a certain deadline. Or focus on your best reason whyrepparttar 149187 reader should buy – and NOW.

6. CONTACT – Do include complete contact information – that works! Test any email addresses and telephone numbers before going to press

So next time you need to ace your ad copy, go back over what you wrote and tweak it here and there for improvements. Better yet, have a contest and invite your readers to do it for you! How’s that for a win-win solution?!

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