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Already electronic books are appearing onrepparttar Internet, available by downloading or to be read directly on-line, or on Compact Disks. CD versions of encyclopedia and research material have been around almost as long asrepparttar 108536 CD-ROM drive. The National Geographic magazine has put its entire collection - back torepparttar 108537 year 1901 - on CD and markets it through computer stores.

Much informational content is now being distributed exclusively in electronic form.

Computers are as ubiquitous as television and radio sets. They're being given away free with subscriptions to Internet services, much as cellular phones are given to customers who will sign up for a year's service.

Books on tape have been available for many years, but they were not readily accepted when they were new. Part ofrepparttar 108538 resistance was due to a reluctance to change established habit. But at one time, even printed books were a rarity. People were used to being TOLD stories, and few could read. Of course that changed over time.

Then those who read books avoided books on tape because they viewed it as a step backward. Many felt a loss of intimacy withrepparttar 108539 printed word that they could read at their own pace and that allowed them to paint their own "mind-pictures" ofrepparttar 108540 activity being described.

Then came movies based on books, andrepparttar 108541 screen-writer's interpretation ofrepparttar 108542 author's words don't always agree with those ofrepparttar 108543 viewer who has "readrepparttar 108544 book."

With E-Books one still can read. If he wants, he can haverepparttar 108545 printed word to read from.

But just as e-mail has supplanted written correspondence to a great degree, gaining knowledge by reading fromrepparttar 108546 computer screen has become commonplace.

Some have said that nothing can takerepparttar 108547 place of sitting in a chair and reading a book to a child.They're absolutely right. Butrepparttar 108548 truth is thatrepparttar 108549 computer already has becomerepparttar 108550 learning center in millions of homes. Adding E-Books to one's educational toolbox can only enrichrepparttar 108551 lives and enjoyment of families everywhere.

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So you Wrote an E-book...Now What?

Written by Merle

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Some websites do e-book reviews and then publish them online or in their newsletters. Here are a few to get you started:

ZD Net 4 Star Review

For reviews of e-books that relate to Net marketing send them to Lee Benson mailto:lee@c...

E-book Junction- Linda does reviews for her ezine send to mailto:linda@a...

There are also sites onrepparttar Net that house e-books of all types and function as e-book libraries. Your book can be submitted to any ofrepparttar 108535 following;

E-book Net

Carver's E-book Library

Success Library


Ebook Palace

Stealth Promotions

The E-book Directory

If you do a search onrepparttar 108536 major search engines you're sure to find many more e-book libraries you can submit to.

E-book discussion lists are two way communication where you can announce your book once you subscribe. Some are;

E-book Chat

E-book News

E-book Talk

Another tip is to visit any ofrepparttar 108537 websites that house free software and submit your book to them. Most include e-books, since they are .exe files. Do a search and you'll find these sites byrepparttar 108538 thousands. There is free software that can submit your e-book to 50 sites in one shot: Go to and download "Soft Submit" which will upload your book to 50 sites at once.

Don't forget about includingrepparttar 108539 download URL in your signature file. You are using one, right? I thought so. You could always write a press release about your e-book and e-mail it torepparttar 108540 media. Discussion boards are another great outlet but don't post inappropriately. If you haverepparttar 108541 book in your sig file you could just post a comment or answer a question and your signature line will dorepparttar 108542 rest.

Use your imagination and you'll find hundreds of ways to utilize your e-book in your marketing campaign. After all, this is one viral infection you want everyone to catch!

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