Written by Irvin L. Rozier

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We three had many a season of prayer. Sometimes it would be just Mike and me, and sometimes just Dan and me. Other times all three of us we come together to pray. None of us were perfect. Like Paul, we all can say, "The spirit is willing butrepparttar flesh is weak." However, God looks atrepparttar 136999 intent and purposes ofrepparttar 137000 heart.

I want to tell you about one example of prayer for each of my friends. Mike called one night. He was facing some really rough trials and had been struggling in prayer. He lived about seven miles from me and he wanted to meet me atrepparttar 137001 Huddle House to have a cup of coffee and fellowship. Before I leftrepparttar 137002 house,repparttar 137003 Lord spoke and said, "Take that Bible, that small one that contains bothrepparttar 137004 old and new testament, and bring it with you. I've got a word for Mike."

I met him a few minutes later, and as we drank our coffee, I said, "Mike,repparttar 137005 Lord has a word for you." I pulled out my Bible, opened it to II Kings 13.15, "And Elisha said unto him, Take bow and arrows. And he took unto him bow and arrows." As tears filled his eyes when I spoke these words, Mike said, "Before I left my house,repparttar 137006 Lord told me to put my bow and arrows in my truck. They are out there now." I said, "Let's go. We got to go out to a secluded place , pray, and replay exactly what Elisha and Joash did (II Kings 13.15-17). We did, and when that last arrow headed towardrepparttar 137007 sky, Mike shouted for joy asrepparttar 137008 Spirit of God moved on him and gave him assurance of victory!

I received a late night call about four years ago. It was Dan. he was inrepparttar 137009 hospital because of stomach problems. His bowels had burst. He was really in bad shape. As I went intorepparttar 137010 intensive care unit, where his family were gathered around him, he feebly greeted me and began to talk. He said, "Brother, I ain't gonna make it this time. I'm ready to go, and I told my wife I wanted you to say a few words at my funeral." I looked at him and said, "Dan, God ain't through with you yet, you still have a work to do," I put my hands on him and began to pray. I asked God to mend those places whererepparttar 137011 surgery had been done and to raise him up.

In about two days, he went home. Although he was weak,repparttar 137012 Lord began to slowly mend him. He had additional surgery later to removerepparttar 137013 bagrepparttar 137014 doctor's had placed there for his bodily functions. As I'm writing this, Brother Dan has fully recovered and is still working, praying and serving God.

Both Mike and Dan have prayed for me often. I appreciate them and may God richly recompense their labors for him.

James 5.16 "Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervant prayer of a righteous man availeth much."

Author of My Walk with the Lord,, preacher, retired US Army


Written by Irvin l. Rozier

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The pecan I cracked andrepparttar Vietnam war hero had two things in common...they were beautiful onrepparttar 136967 outside, but were rotten onrepparttar 136968 inside...both were fakes. There are many "Christians" or "Church goers" who fall inrepparttar 136969 same category. They look real, act real, but have never accepted Jesus in their heart. Man looks atrepparttar 136970 outward appearance, but God looks atrepparttar 136971 heart. Are you a real Christian or are you a fake?

Irvin L. Rozier

author of My Walk with the Lord,, preacher, retired US Army

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